Class Act

Salesforce spent $109,000 to cover 152 crowdfunding requests from IPS teachers this year. Here's some of the back-to-school booty.

Indy Film Fest Highlights Local Filmmaking

One of Indianapolis's perennial cultural events of the year, the Indy Film Fest has returned for 10 days of independent films. The festival, which...

The Naysayer Says: Don’t Fire Tom Crean!

I am very satisfied with Tom Crean as Indiana’s head coach and don’t wish him to be fired. As a Boilermaker, I think he’s the perfect coach for the Hoosiers.
The Percusive Arts society performing acts illustrated around instruments

Percussive Arts Society International Convention Returns

Judging by the lineup of artists, they haven’t missed a beat.

Ed Carpenter Is One of Indy’s Favorite Sons

Ed Carpenter has always had a familial link to the Speedway. Because he embraces Indy, fans have always laid claim to him.

Back Home Again: Man Of The People

I've liked most of the 80,000 fols who've crossed my path-except the name droppers.

Backtrack: Speed King

On a marathon drive from L.A. to New York in 1929, Cannon Ball stayed alert by drinking a quart of olive oil and downing bags of peanuts.

Editor’s Note: November 2023

THIS MONTH marks the one-year anniversary of a fateful day in the history of this publication. On the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 28), the...

The Beat: A New Leaf

CO-OWNERS of Wild Birds Unlimited Jim and Nancy Carpenter like to walk on the wild side. That’s why they bought the abandoned Wolf Run...