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The Real To Reel In Netflix’s Self Made

We combed through a few members of Self Made’s cast to separate fact from fiction.

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Book Review: Author In Chief

A Bloomington author’s new book on the presidents’ autobiographies has our vote.

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Quick Q&A: Dr. Kara Cooney

Who run the world? Girls.

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Mayor Pete and Me

Contributor Adam Wren reflects on covering the presidential run of Pete Buttigieg, from the first hours of the campaign to its final ones.

A woman in a blue top smiles with her head slightly turned to the right.
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Quick Q&A: Lyz Lenz

“It was deeply personal for me because the political divide was what ripped my marriage apart.”

An arrangement of Macarons
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How To Celebrate The Return Of Stranger Things

Indianapolis is about to become the Upside Down.

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Quick Q&A With Sarah Koenig

“The toughest part is when I’m reporting and I don’t know if it’s leading anywhere. Is there a question that’s worth answering, and even if there is, am I going to be able to answer it with intelligence?”

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Where To Celebrate Indie Bookstore Day

On Saturday, April 27, literary hubs around the state are going to give a toast to each bookstore that is ran by passionate readers.

John Green
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4 Things That May Surprise You About John Green

I came away amazed at how deftly he juggles it all.”

Charlotte Pence
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Ask Me Anything: Charlotte Pence

“There were people standing and clapping for us as well as booing, so I felt a range of emotions. One thing I realized: We’re at a new level now.”

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Hank Green’s First Novel Is An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Enter: John Green. Wearing a bumblebee suit.

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Chime Out

Why kids are skipping time-outs in favor of “chime outs.”

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AMA: Jim Davis, Garfield Cartoonist

“When you’re dealing with absolutes like eating and sleeping, every generation can relate to that.”

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The Midwest Writers Workshop Scandal

Roxane Gay sent a flurry of tweets to her 421,000 followers, blasting the MWW for its “fatphobia.”

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Why Top Chef Isn’t Filming In Indianapolis

Maybe Padma knew she would eventually be GIF’ed making St. Elmo shrimp cocktail face.