Q+A: Marcus Ericsson

Defending Indy 500 champion, Marcus Ericcson, hopes to grow the sport internationally.

Speed Read: True Blue

IT WAS A HUMBLE BEGINNING. The Blue Crew began as a small tailgating club in the mid-1990s. Randy Collins, Tim Millikan, Tony Payne, and...

Back Home Again: Man Of The People

I've liked most of the 80,000 fols who've crossed my path-except the name droppers.

Ask Me Anything: John Stehr, Mayor

The retired WTHR-TV anchor kicks off the new year with a new job: mayor of Zionsville. He defeated Jane Burgess in the Republican primary in May and ran unopposed in November. He sat down with one of his former colleagues at WTHR to give her the scoop on what drove him into the hot seat.

Speed Read: Indiana State Fair Swine Barn

Once an open-air barn, the new Fall Creek Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center is now a multiuse, world-class showplace. It’s ready to host swine—and much more—all year long.

Speed Read: The Mural Of The Story

IT’S THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF A SERIES. The mural, located on the east wall of the Steak ’n Shake building overlooking Bicentennial Unity Plaza outside...

The Sound of Money: The Palladium Rises Up in Carmel

When Brainard first raised the idea of building a performing-arts center, the intent was to fill an immediate need: to give homeless arts organizations such as the Carmel Symphony Orchestra a place to play. It was a nice thought—quaint, really, considering what the city has now.

The Hoosierist: My kid wants to be a racecar driver

If he wants to someday kiss the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, take him to your friendly neighborhood go-kart track. Most offer...
Scenes from the films at Heartland International Film Festival 2021.

What To Watch At The 30th Annual Heartland Film Festival

The international film festival premieres this week. Here's eight flicks to add to your watch list.

Farm Aid 2023

The all-day music festival at Ruoff Music Center benefited family farmers with performances by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, and more.