After the Fire

Even now, on off-duty drives through downtown, some of them will seek another route, any other route, to avoid the shadow of the nine-story building at Meridian and Vermont streets. For most of the city, the Indianapolis Athletic Club is an elegant landmark from an earlier time, an old-boy haven where Democratic Party elites once hosted parties and presidents. But for firefighters who crouched in its halls 20 years ago, it is still an imposing reminder of one of the Indianapolis Fire Department’s darkest nights.

Super Bowl Village – ZipLine riders

Jan. 27, 2012: Four riders, suspended 90 feet in the air, zip down 816 feet of ZipLine on Capitol Ave.

Don’t Worry. Jim Irsay Has a Plan.

"This isn’t the first time he has faced adversity—on the field or off it," deputy editor Daniel S. Comiskey wrote in IM's 2012 profile of Jim Irsay. "His addiction to prescription painkillers made him an unpredictable presence in interviews before he publicly admitted and beat the disease."

Meet 4 Hoosier Bloggers Blowing Up Online

More than 40,000 readers visit Erin Loechner’s Design for Mankind site every day for chirpy commentary on decor, fashion, and art.

The 14th-Annual Airball Awards

Fearing they wouldn’t have the votes to block a Republican-proposed “Right to Work” bill last winter, House Democrats retreated to a budget hotel in Urbana in February, just across the Illinois border, leaving Republicans without the quorum necessary to advance the legislation. In a call with minority leader Pat Bauer, who was pictured working the phone at a tiny desk in his hotel room, House Speaker Brian Bosma reportedly told him to “get back here” (even though Bosma had led his own party’s walkout in 2004). When they finally returned in March, the Dems owed an average fine of more than $3,000. “We found that Illinois has excellent malls,” Rep. Win Moses, D-Fort Wayne, told the Associated Press. “And there’s a mini-mart right across the street.” Oh, and good news: Republicans plan to make the bill a top priority again this year.

Web Exclusive: Jim Irsay in His Own Words

"It’s a tough situation for Peyton. He’s not used to being in this situation. We rode the elevator together after the Tampa Bay game, and I told him he has to cover himself with optimism. He knows he can’t will his way through this. It’s not like having a broken leg, and if he were tough enough, he could play through it. It’s not that kind of injury. And the number of years he has left is unknown. He’s 35. You hope that he can play until 38, 39, 40."

Life and Death. And Life.

"I told my daughter, Angie, 'I wish everybody would stop talking about the officer, because we don't know whose lungs these are," says Cathy Lewis.

Grande Opening

A: Some may be outraged at the cost of a Frappuccino or Caramel Macchiato, but not so long ago, Indy residents couldn’t purchase them for any price. While Starbucks has been in business since 1971, it didn’t begin its caffeinated assault on the Indy market until 1999, when a location opened inside Butler University’s Atherton Union. A second (now defunct) spot debuted in Carmel’s Merchants’ Square a few weeks later. After that they multiplied like bedbugs, until you couldn’t drive more than a couple of blocks in any direction without spotting the McDonald’s of coffee shops. Well, perhaps they aren’t that numerous. According to Starbucks regional director of operations Nancy McLaughlin, there are currently “only” 30 locations inside the I-465 loop, and slightly more than 100 in the entire state. A decent number, but miniscule when you consider that the chain operates more than 17,000 stores worldwide.

'Big Miracle' Movie Trailer

See this clip for the cinematic story based on the book Freeing the Whales by Indy's own Tom Rose. The film stars Drew Barrymore,...

The Nation Reacts to IU's Last-Second Victory Over No. 1 Kentucky

Hoosier basketball fans and broadcasters from Bloomington's Assembly Hall to New York and San Diego were up in arms in the best way.