Best of Indy: City Life

Featuring the best Twitter follow, zipline, tech seminar, new IMS track tradition, ice skating, and more

Unspoken Rules of The Hilly Hundred

Very few people look good in Lycra. The trick is not to care.

Lauren Spierer Update: Mother Reacts to Judge's Dismissal of Lawsuit

"We will continue to search for any information which will lead us to answers in Lauren's disappearance," says Charlene Spierer.

Meet the Indianapolis 500’s Top Female Mechanic

"One guy said something like, ‘Why don’t you let a man do that?’ It wasn’t that long ago."

BRICK OF THE MONTH: Melvin Simon & Associates

Walking around the Circle, you may have noticed the faint etchings of names in the bricks. In the late 1970’s, Commission for Downtown began a revitalization project that included re-bricking Monument Circle and allowed citizens to have their names engraved there in return for a small donation. These are the stories of the individuals, families, and companies whose names can be found engraved along the most famous streets in the city.
The Hoosierist: Hang Tight

Hang Tight

Q: I understand that the orangutans for the Indianapolis Zoo’s new exhibit are already holed up on the grounds someplace. Where are they staying, what do they do all day, and can I see them? Victoria W., Indianapolis

Icing on the Cake: The Local Economics of Same-Sex Marriage

Rings, flowers, musicians, dresses—opening up weddings to a new segment of spenders could mean big bucks for the Hoosier bottom line.

The NFL Combine Is Going To Miss Indianapolis When We’re Gone

I've covered the event for the past few years. The NFL doesn't know what it'll be missing when it moves the Combine.
Herman B. Wells

Hoosier Hall of Fame: Indiana University

On the strength of groundbreaking faculty and famous alumni, Herman B Wells makes Indiana University into an academic powerhouse. The ripple effects follow from a Champaign-to-Bloomington transfer.

Colonel Cook’s Pride: Why Indy’s Airport Consistently Receives Top Marks

Making sense of the consistent accolades hailed on the Indianapolis International Airport.