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Under the Gun: Indy’s Lost Boys

“It seems like every other day, there’s an incident,” says Vernell Miller. “Shootings happen so frequently that folks in the community develop an apathy. That’s alarming to me.”

Tony Bennett Has All the Answers

Editor's Note, Nov. 7, 2012: Despite outspending his opponent, Glenda Ritz, by a 10-to-1 margin, Tony Bennett was unseated as Indiana's schools czar on Nov. 6. Here, our September 2011 feature profile on the man who catalyzed a lot of visceral responses—both for and against him
Indy Reads Books

Street Savvy: Mass Ave’s East End

Need help sticking to your resolution? Natural Born Juicers has plenty of selections to restore your glow through the dead of winter.
J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee

The 10 Weirdest UFO Cases in Indiana History

The case of former Brownsburg resident Matthew Reed—detailed in IM’s March 2014 feature “Alienated”—might presently be Indiana’s most famous extraterrestrial encounter. But it’s certainly not the first.

Street Savvy: Speedway

Dawson’s on Main has only been open for a few years, but it feels like an old town favorite.

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Charlene Fletcher, Historian

Conner Prairie has long been called a living museum. But what version of history? Its dynamic curatorial director hopes to paint a more inclusive, nuanced picture with promised land as proving ground, officially opening this month.

Big City Problems: Sharing the Road

Meanwhile, tensions between drivers and cyclists seem more heated than ever. From my viewpoint—while some rogue cyclists flout the road rules—a collision between a 15-pound bike and a half-ton car typically ends with only one loser.

Photos: Indy Pride Festival Reaches Record Attendance—85,000

The festival and its parent organization make for a well-oiled machine at this point, with 1,000 human and 600 canine comers at its annual Pet Pride event, along with five felines, and 32,000 onlookers at its June 8 parade.

HJR-3 Passes House After Removal of Messy Language

Those who wish to see the already-standing definition of marriage added to the Indiana Constitution seem to know that it might be now or never.