Circle City

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Street Savvy: Post Road

Exploring Post Road: Fort Ben’s main drag.

Man, Bill Berg crafts a dulcimer, an hourglass shaped musical instrument.
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Maker: Bill Berg, The Dulcimer King

“I sold to a lot of young women who wanted to be like Joni Mitchell,” he says. “Now, I sell to older ladies, and Joni Mitchell would be in that ‘older lady’ category.”

Illustration of corn maze by Nate Kitch
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The Hoosierist: How Do Farmers Make Corn Mazes?

Though the process looks straightforward, building a proper corn maze can be a huge pain in the back 40.

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What’s New At Conner Prairie This Fall

An a-maze-ing way to spend time with the kids.

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This New Park Might Be The Most Unusual One In The Country

The Idle is now open … no longer, ahem, idle.

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The Hoosierist: Our State’s Abundant Nudist Resorts

“Some people just want to shed those layers of clothes and feel the sun on their bodies,” says Jeffrey Baldasarre of the American Association of Nude Recreation, which is totally real and not something The Hoosierist made up.

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Backtrack: Diving In

Indy’s first public pool made quite a splash.

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Street Savvy: Mass Ave

On downtown’s best street, the action shifts to the west end.

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The City’s Coolest Libraries

The story behind the city’s coolest libraries.

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Encounter: Summer Street Partiers

“It gets bigger all the time, and people come from all parts of Indianapolis and other parts of the state, just to experience it.”

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Speed Read: Monumental Yoga

Not a stretch: This is a massive class.

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The Hoosierist: Are Switchblades Legal?

“This state allows the private ownership of body armor, blow darts, brass knuckles, swords concealed in canes, billy clubs, and nunchucks.”

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Q&A With LeVar Burton

“There’s a certain satisfaction in maintaining a relationship with a now-adult audience that has been used to me providing advice about literature since they were kids.”

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Unspoken Rules: Indy Pride Week

Just make time for a disco nap.

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Quick Q&A With Indy Pride Director Chris Handberg

“You have a wide array of personalities who celebrate as a community. People from so many different backgrounds gather together, and for that day, become a family.”