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Circle City

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Ask Me Anything: George Steinbrenner IV, IndyCar Team Owner

A pit stop with George Steinbrenner IV, the youngest team owner in IndyCar history.

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Backtrack: Indianapolis Soap Box Derby

For these boys and girls, the most important car race of the year isn’t the Indianapolis 500; it’s the Soap Box Derby.

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The Hoosierist: The Longest Mile

The Mini folks charitably call it the “back-of-the-pack bus,” but The Hoosierist prefers its unofficial title: the meat wagon.

Photograph of two elderly people sitting on a couch together.
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Xenia Simons Miller: Modern Woman

The female “Miller” behind Miller House & Garden.

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The Hoosierist: Dammed Straight

Beavers, snowy baseball games, and Indiana immigration. Ask The Hoosierist.

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Backtrack: Dora Atkins

How a top Indianapolis florist planted the seeds of her own destiny.

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Cafe Patachou Turns 30

Here’s a (cinnamon) toast to its cultural impact.

Sisters, Lily and Madeleine looking angelic
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Speed Read: Lily And Madeleine

The homegrown sister act returns for a concert.

Grocery store fresh produce
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Street Savvy: Alabama Street

Not just for on-street parking.

A group of boys playing pool in 1907.
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Backtrack: Boys’ Town

As the name implies, these clubs were for boys only.

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The Hoosierist: Lucas Oil Stadium’s Dirty Secret

“It seems like the last thing you should do to an expensive indoor stadium is fill it with dirt.”

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The Dadball Era’s Guide To The Holidays

“I’m tired of trekking out to the Speedway to see the lights, but not the same lights we saw at Newfields. Different lights. Different nights. Same idea.”

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Street Savvy: Post Road

Exploring Post Road: Fort Ben’s main drag.

Man, Bill Berg crafts a dulcimer, an hourglass shaped musical instrument.
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Maker: Bill Berg, The Dulcimer King

“I sold to a lot of young women who wanted to be like Joni Mitchell,” he says. “Now, I sell to older ladies, and Joni Mitchell would be in that ‘older lady’ category.”

Illustration of corn maze by Nate Kitch
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The Hoosierist: How Do Farmers Make Corn Mazes?

Though the process looks straightforward, building a proper corn maze can be a huge pain in the back 40.