Ted Cruz Photos: Campaign Stop at Sisters’ Place Restaurant in Indy

The Texas senator is campaigning in Indiana ahead of the May 3 primary, in hopes of denying front-runner Donald Trump the delegate majority he needs to lock up the Republican nomination.

Josh Kaufman Seizes Spot in 'The Voice' Finale

What's more, Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance to announce that he will perform on the season finale. He may play "All of the Stars," a song he wrote for The Fault in Our Stars film based on John Green's hit YA novel.

Indiana Gay-Marriage Ban Is a No-Go in 2014

A question remains: Is Freedom Indiana here to stay? “What I am willing to say is that we are certainly in a good position with HJR-3,” says campaign manager Megan Robertson. “Hopefully this is the last we hear of it, but if it's not, then we will be back to fight it.”

For This Puerto Rican Student, FFA Convention In Indy Was Welcome...

“I was excited and, at the same time, so sad because I was going to leave my family back home.”

The Hoosierist: Local Horror Films

"For a state that looks like an elaborate Children of the Corn backdrop, the pickings are slim."

The Scoop On The Strawberry Festival

Photography by Jennifer Pace

Artist Censored at Indy Airport Has New Piece There

Tre Reising just got another work—the Emoji-centric, "sarcastically titled" Live, Love, Laugh, Laugh Until You Cry—installed at the airport.

The Hoosierist Talks Boho Neighborhoods, HandleBar Bikes & More

Why isn’t a rolling bar powered by tipsy people constantly teetering into the canal or plowing into pedestrians? Because a company employee known as “The Bar Handler” always steers.
Big Hoffa

Street Savvy: Downtown Westfield

“Westfield is still pretty homey and keeps its heritage. In the summer, we perform vignettes in the cemeteries about prominent figures interred there.”

Friend Remembers Indy EMT Who Died in Car-Ambulance Crash

UPDATE, Feb. 17, 2013: Private Timothy McCormick's colleague, 22-year-old specialist Cody Medley, has also died as a result of severe injuries sustained in the Feb. 16 car-ambulance accident downtown that claimed McCormick's life. A tribute video celebrating their lives was posted to Facebook here.