A Newbie Gets Schooled in Mandela’s Artwork

Four pieces of Nelson Mandela's art collection, on display at the Long-Sharp Gallery through Friday, from the perspective of a newbie and an expert.

Wicked Soars at Indy's Murat Theatre

The Act II dramatics add up to a relentless rush as the plot—sorcery and love triangles and scapegoats, oh my!—corkscrews through one twist after another.

John Green's Book-Turned-Film The Fault in Our Stars Gets First Poster

No excuses, Nerdfighters (and more casual fans): This gives you a full 175 days to properly stock up on tissues and save your spots in line. The film is set to appear in theaters nationwide on June 6, 2014.

Ryan Murphy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

"He's a new kind of genius," says Julia Roberts. "Which of course means he's regular old-time talent. He does everything, every part of the job."

Day Trip: National Maple Syrup Festival

It's back after a year's hiatus and a move to Brown County.

Tweets of the Week: Josh Kaufman Edition

Via @PetethePlanner: "Weird day in Indy. The city got 3rd for #SuperBowl2018. The Pacers got 2nd in their playoff game. And @iamjoshkaufman got 1st on The Voice."

Trump, Technology And Kurt Vonnegut: A Conversation With Lewis Black

This post originally appeared on The Campus Citizen. With partisan politics, fake news, and the rise of President Donald Trump, there’s plenty of potential material...

Sankofa Event Celebrates Black History Month

Since their first appearance at the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Krash Krew has worked with and appeared with recording artists such as Kirk Franklin.

The Revivalists Bring Soulful Rock to The Vogue

"Musicians in New Orleans entertain ... It gets in your blood—that feeling, that music from New Orleans. You just hear it everywhere. It’s in the street, it’s on the corners, and it’s in clubs. In a great way, you can’t escape it if you live there."

Q+A With Comedian Joey Mulinaro

After a rise to internet fame three Joey Mulinaro has surged toward 1 million followers while staying home in Indianapolis and collecting endorsements from national brands like crumbl cookies.