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A burst of flames onstage at a concert
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Metallica Rocks Indy

Metallica covering Mellencamp is not a thing I thought I’d be writing in 2019.

Artful photo of two sisters
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Four Takeaways From The Lily & Madeleine Show

Clearly they had underestimated the enthusiasm of a hometown crowd that has never forgotten their Canterbury girls.

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Quick Q&A With Jay Pharoah

The six-season star of SNL headlines at the new Helium Comedy Club March 8-10. We caught up with him before the show.

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Six Subterranean Spots To Hunker Down For Snowpocalypse 2019

Oh just stay home and watch football.

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What’s New At Conner Prairie This Fall

An a-maze-ing way to spend time with the kids.

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Here’s Your Chance To Float In The Canal

Taking a dip in downtown’s canal isn’t permitted outside of sanctioned events like this one.

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The 10 Greatest Things I Saw At My First Gen Con

“It’s like learning what ice cream sundaes are, and then being told to go make yourself one using three million toppings.”

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How To Win At Gen Con

Move ahead one space to learn what you’ve been missing, regardless of your gaming experience.

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I Did Stand-Up Comedy For The First Time And Didn’t Become A Punchline

“As soon as I got up there, though, it hit me: There was no backing out.”

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4 Best Bar Patios To Get Lit Before The Fireworks Do

When the great Fourth of July land grab begins around nightfall, you’ll already be sitting pretty.

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AMA: Jim Davis, Garfield Cartoonist

“When you’re dealing with absolutes like eating and sleeping, every generation can relate to that.”

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Join Hamilton’s Andrés Forero In A Drum Circle On Monday Night

“You can throw anything at Andrés. He’s the best in the business.”

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Q&A With LeVar Burton

“There’s a certain satisfaction in maintaining a relationship with a now-adult audience that has been used to me providing advice about literature since they were kids.”

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Bloomington’s Record Label: Jagjaguwar

“We were so frugal, we would manually roll the fax toner back to use what portions of it had not impressed on paper yet.”

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The New Phoenix Theatre Rises — It’s One Hell Of A Rebirth

Rise for a standing ovation to this dazzling new space.