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Meet Backstage Ballet Dancers

“You get to see the story through a child’s eyes.”

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Winterlights At Newfields

Newfields lights up the corner of 38th Street & Michigan.

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Artists Tackle Slavery, Lynching, And Sexual Violence In New Exhibit

“These are very difficult artworks. We don’t hold anything back about what we’re talking about here.”

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Six Best Tidbits From New Book About The Jacksons

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Speed Read: Tonic Ball

One of Indy’s biggest nights of music and charity.

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Speed Read: True Blood

The operation all started with a perfectly wholesome farm. In 1991, my parents moved to my grandparents’ massive spread in the country to help out. Three years later, a business concept and I were born at the same time, providing my mother with a way to work from home while raising me—she ran KD Stables, […]

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Backtrack: Drags to Riches

In 1981, Coby Palmer, Ed Walsh, and Gary Johnson found out that the big Halloween bash they always attended wouldn’t be held that year. So they decided to have their own fun in costume, organizing a group of 70 or so men on three chartered buses for the first “Bag Lady Bus Tour,” a crawl […]

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Graffiti: Art Or Vandalism?

An exhibition of graffiti at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is adding fuel to the debate over whether “aerosol art” is art or vandalism. City as Canvas: New York City Graffiti from the ’70s & ’80s, which opened October 7, follows the development of graffiti from simple tags to elaborate murals, and the […]

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Meet Racing Wiener Dogs

Five sets of paws pound the pavement, tongues lolling, tails wagging, as tutu- and bandana-clad dachshunds dash from one end of The Athenaeum’s hay bale–lined enclosure to the other. Or, at least, that’s the idea at the Wiener Dog Races, a GermanFest staple since 2008. Why dachshunds? These babies are naturals. “They’re quick dogs,” says […]

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We Just Saw Music Unite: A Review Of This Year’s Lotus Festival

On Saturday evening, on the final leg of this year’s Lotus World Music & Arts Festival, 26 artists representing about 20 different countries performed their final shows for the thousands of people who took to the streets of downtown Bloomington. Brandishing the hashtag #MusicUnites, this event’s mission was to bring people from all walks of […]

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A Festival Presents An Optimistic Vision For 16th And The Monon

You can’t wipe out poverty with the flick of a pen. Nor can you replace thousands of peeling shingles with seven hours of theater. But a temporary transformation that might lead to a more permanent one? A neighborhood can tackle that. A tenacious group of community leaders, performing arts professionals, and residents will come together […]

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Local Artist's Painting Picked For Veep's Residence

A piece of Indiana hangs in the vice president’s residence in Washington, D.C., thanks to Mike and Karen Pence—and Indianapolis artist Douglas David. Over the summer, Karen Pence reached out to the Indiana Arts Commission, hankering for a painting of peonies, our state flower. The arts group referred her to David, known for his colorful […]

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Quick Q&A with Mike Birbiglia

“When I met John Green on the set of the movie, I really felt like he was a kindred spirit.”

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The Hoosierist: What Happens if the Orangutans at the Zoo Fall?

“While the eight-story drop is more than enough to give The Hoosierist the willies, it’s not an issue for the orangutans, who swing hand-over-hand along the Hutan Trail (the name for those high cables) with aplomb.”

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Scene Stealers: The Most Beautiful Buildings In Columbus

The director heard about the town on NPR in 2012, and it piqued his interest.