Breaking News: Stan Lee's Indy Appearance CANCELED

Attendees who signed up for ExactTarget's upcoming Indianapolis conference hoping to see pop-culture icon Stan Lee are in for a big disappointment, Circle Citizen has learned.   Last month, the interactive marketing company, headquartered next door to Circle Citizen’s 40 Monument Circle offices, announced in a splashy

Breaking Comic Book News (and a Confession)

Circle Citizen has important news to report from the world of comic books.   But first, a confession: Your Circle Citizen correspondent is a recovering comic-book geek. In the 1980s, he squandered many hours of his youth in a poorly lit basement comic-book store in Bloomington called 25th Century Five and Dime, digging in dusty boxes and
An image of a "freed slave" wasn't in the original design of a group of sculptures on the west-facing side of The Soldiers and Sailors Monument known as “Peace.”

The Monument’s Freed Slave: A Brief History

The image was remarkable for its time, when most Civil War memorials focused on soldiers and neglected the issue of slavery altogether.

Urbanski Arrives: This is Big

How apropos that the long, rudderless period at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra finished last weekend with an exciting evening of music featuring no  conductor at all.

What I Know: Florence Henderson

The Southern Indiana native will sing the opening number at the Indianapolis 500 this month, a tradition she started 20 years ago.