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Traveler: Celebrating Dr. King’s Legacy At The National Civil Rights Museum

Despite the ugliness of the era, the experience is ultimately uplifting, but expect to have some possibly difficult conversations with your family afterward.

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Speed Read: Home-Show Heroes

“We’re more recognizable when we are together.”

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Q&A With Novelist Lauren Groff

“I don’t read many of my reviews. I have anxiety issues, so even reading a pleasant review fills me with existential dread.”

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Traveler: Shinola Hotel In Detroit

Make sure you’re on time.

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Ask Me Anything: Mike “Doc” Emrick, Hockey Broadcaster

“You never know if a pane of glass will break, or anything like that. You never walk by a toilet before the period starts.”

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The Hoosierist: Lucas Oil Stadium’s Dirty Secret

“It seems like the last thing you should do to an expensive indoor stadium is fill it with dirt.”

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Best Of Indianapolis 2018 — Arts & Culture

Who says Hoosiers aren’t cultured?

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A Love Letter To The Idle

No ordinary park for no ordinary city.

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The Dadball Era’s Guide To The Holidays

“I’m tired of trekking out to the Speedway to see the lights, but not the same lights we saw at Newfields. Different lights. Different nights. Same idea.”

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Ask Me Anything: Mossy Stone

“I’ve journaled my whole life, and writing has been very therapeutic. From being homeless to being deployed, I’ve turned to storytelling to get through. I want younger generations to fall in love with reading and writing again.”

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A Guide To One Of The Best Video Game Guide Books

A local video-game publisher levels up in the internet age.

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Backtrack: Norman Norell

The first designer to win the Coty Award, fashion’s equivalent of the Oscars, when it was introduced in 1943.

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The Mascot Hall Of Fame Opens

“This is why it’s going to work,” says the Hall’s founder. “Whiting has shown how they can get people there. They embrace this silliness.”

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Local Cultural Events With New Wrapping

Some packages benefit from a seasonal sprucing-up.

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Wanted: Festive 3-D Puzzle

Unlike most jigsaw puzzles, the final product is designed to be displayed, not boxed right back up.