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Arts & Culture

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Storm-Chasing 101

“It’s best to start chasing with people who are experienced.”

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Quick Q&A: Viking Fest Reenactor

“I got hit on the spine and it hurt really badly. I got it checked at the hospital, but it was just an injury to the surrounding muscle. I’ve seen serious injuries, however.”

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For Those About To Rock

“What we do is more like Ferrari or Rolls-Royce—really small-batch stuff, but really good.”

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A Preview Of The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody

As long as they are at least 18 years old, walking carpets and scruffy-looking nerf herders are welcome.

Photograph of two elderly people sitting on a couch together.
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Xenia Simons Miller: Modern Woman

The female “Miller” behind Miller House & Garden.

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The Hoosierist: Dammed Straight

Beavers, snowy baseball games, and Indiana immigration. Ask The Hoosierist.

Book cover of an all-black basketball team.
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Why The Crispus Attucks Legend Lives On

“They made a Civil Rights statement by excelling at something that all Hoosiers valued, which is excellence in basketball.”

A sign at the Indianapolis Zoo welcomes guests to xZOOberance
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Indianapolis Zoo Welcomes Spring With New Festival

Farewell winter blues.

A woman stands at a work table with materials used in stained-glass making.
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The Maker: Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio

“It always resembles a storm or a sunset or a sunrise. I look for something that evokes a feeling in me.”

A burst of flames onstage at a concert
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Metallica Rocks Indy

Metallica covering Mellencamp is not a thing I thought I’d be writing in 2019.

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Backtrack: Dora Atkins

How a top Indianapolis florist planted the seeds of her own destiny.

Artful photo of two sisters
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Four Takeaways From The Lily & Madeleine Show

Clearly they had underestimated the enthusiasm of a hometown crowd that has never forgotten their Canterbury girls.

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Indy Photographer Winner Of Apple Contest

A photo snapped from his car landed Andrew Griswold in some elite international company.

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Jerry Hindel, Bowling Alley Owner

The sport may be struggling, but the proprietor of the city’s oldest bowling alley rolls with the changes.

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Quick Q&A With Jay Pharoah

The six-season star of SNL headlines at the new Helium Comedy Club March 8-10. We caught up with him before the show.