The Winner: Monument Circle As Tourist Trap

Earlier today, Circle Citizen joined a breathless crowd in the lobby of Chase Tower to learn who won the much-ballyhooed Monument Circle Idea Competition. He was not disappointed. “From Inertia to Inner Circle,” devised by two Parisian landscape architects, took top honors and a $5,000 prize—just enough, presumably, to cover the travel expenses incurred by the e


Walking around the Circle, you may have noticed the faint etchings of names in the bricks. In the late 1970’s, Commission for Downtown began a revitalization project that included re-bricking Monument Circle and allowed citizens to have their names engraved there in return for a small donation. These are the stories of the individuals, families, and companies whose names can be found engraved along the most famous streets in the city.

The Scoop On The Strawberry Festival

Photography by Jennifer Pace

Superman Living Above Monument Circle?

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's, oh wait, it is a bird. Three birds actually.Perched high above the Circle,...
The Hoosierist June 2011

Can You Dig It?

Bobby T., Beech Grove

A Military Tribute Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend

Lest we forget, Monument Circle takes its name from the great war memorial here. And the pomp and circumstance of a military parade suit it as naturally as the bricks.   On Friday at noon, about 50 soldiers, sailors, and airmen led a horsedrawn caisson carrying a flag-draped casket—empty, thankfully—around the Circle in a tribute to the fallen. And like the national anthem at the start of a football game, the solemn march gave way to cheers and the f

Bart Peterson

Age: 52  Gig: Communications exec at Lilly.  Talking Points: This month, the ex-mayor marks two years on the job at the pharma giant, a position that has kept him invested in the city’s health. And close enough to swing by for a chat.    There are people who s

The Latest Round of the Monument Circle Idea Competition

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times ran a love letter glowing travel article about Indianapolis that featured one blush-worthy compliment after another as it built toward the writer’s final gush: “Plenty to do, too much to eat, too much to see. Really, does any destination require more?”

Urbanski Arrives: This is Big

How apropos that the long, rudderless period at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra finished last weekend with an exciting evening of music featuring no  conductor at all.

Bikes and Beer

To be clear: none of the local Bike to Work Day organizers advocate unsafe practices involving alcohol and bikes. But this morning’s festivities on Monument Circle, part of a national event, had a distinctively hoppy flavor.