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Pacers male cheerleaders
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When The Pacers Had A Co-Ed Cheerleading Squad

The Indiana Pacers finished dead last in 1983, but achieved an NBA first: male cheerleaders.

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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 8, At Detroit Lions

The Colts are back this week, and they look like a potential contender.

Nate Bjorkgren
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Nate Bjorkgren Did, Actually, Come Here To Make Friends

The Pacers’ new head coach plans to combine his strategic know-how with a personal touch.

Woody Myers
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The Pacers’ Uncertain Future; Woody Myers’ Closing Scramble

On this week’s podcast, we interview Democratic gubernatorial candidate Woody Myers and SB Nation’s Caitlin Cooper.

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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 6, vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Another win, a bunch of questions, and a gratuitous cat photo.

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The Story Behind The Colts’ Anvil (As Told By Its Biggest Fan)

Derek Schultz, anvil super-fan, speaks to one of the gimmick’s creators.

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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 5, at Cleveland Browns

Are we sure Philip Rivers is good?

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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 4, At Chicago Bears

Warning: This recap contains Ace of Base-related content.

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Let’s Escape Reality By Thinking About The Pacers For Some Reason

While we search for relief amid the wreckage of 2020, the Pacers search for a new head coach.

A stranded jet.
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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 3, vs. New York Jets

The Colts dominated the lowly Jets this week, in a game that did not exactly live up to the two teams’ fading rivalry.

A burning Viking ship.
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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 2, vs. Minnesota Vikings

Rivers and co. get the W against a not-very-formidable opponent.

Derek Schultz and his child
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How I Spent My Unceremonious Eight-Month-Long Summer Vacation

A laid-off sports talk radio host’s guide to surviving the pandemic.

Memorial Stadium in Bloomington
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It’s OK That Big Ten Football Is Returning, Actually

Absent effective leadership, we’re forced to improvise through a deadly pandemic. Why should football be an exception?

default featured image
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Just Jim Irsay Tweets

This guy owns the Colts. And tweets.

Philip Rivers
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Indianapolis Colts Recap: Week 1, at Jacksonville Jaguars

We break down the good, bad, and the ugly from a team with many Rivers to cross.