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My Super Job: Frank Hancock

Name: Frank Hancock

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Super Bowl Style: Return of the Pack

Is there a Super Bowl volunteer on your holiday-shopping list? Consider a fanny pack—the committee is recommending that volunteers wear one because they won’t have a place to store a purse or a bag while they are working. And believe it or not, the much-maligned accessory favored by mallwalkers and men who don’t know better has made a comeback on runways lately. So look for this, not this.

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Meet Dan Wheldon

Editor’s Note: Somehow, despite his hailing from England, the loss of Dan Wheldon has hit our community close to home. For years now, we have felt especially attached to him. There are the two 500 wins, certainly—including this past edition’s dramatic and improbable finish—but it was his warmth and humor that made him a favorite with fans and media alike. Once, in July 2007, he even invited us in to his home, letting us showcase his condo in our pages.
As a tribute to his all-too-short life, we offer our May 2005 profile, published in the same month he first won our race. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the IRL and to his family.

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When Monster Trucks Attack

Transformers have nothing on these beasts. Monument Circle became a haven for guttural noise of the mechanical kind today, as three monster trucks from this weekend’s show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds revved up their engines for all to see. On September 16-18, it’s an entirely different story: 4,000-plus 4-wheelers will descend upon the Fairgrounds.   Gaping passersby witnessed (and snapped mobile photos of) these huge trucks, including Chalkboard Chuck, an

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Sunday Drive: Peyton Manning

This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue.

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Superman Living Above Monument Circle?

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s, oh wait, it is a bird. Three birds actually. Perched high above the Circle, on the 31st floor of the Market Tower, are two adult peregrine falcons, Kinney and KathyQ, and their newest hatchling, Phoenix. The news of Phoenix’ s arrival last month (April 28) might have flown under the […]

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500 Festival Revs Up the Month of May

A tiara-clad princess dancing to a cover of Mellencamp’s  “Hurt So Good” while wearing a four-foot IndyCar can mean only one thing: The month of May has arrived in 

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Long Shot

Milan could be any small Indiana town—except, of course, for its high-school basketball team, which won the state title almost 60 years ago. Now, a few locals are trying to adapt that history into a basketball museum and a bid at reviving their town. But could Milan’s legacy actually be what keeps it from moving forward?

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Tony Stewart Is Wheeling and Dealing

He passed Dale Earnhardt Jr. in merchandise sales—a remarkable feat considering Earnhardt’s legacy and loyal spectators.

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When We Build It, Will They Come?

The Indianapolis Colts, a winning team on the field, would not be financially viable in the modern NFL if they had to spend another two decades in the Hoosier Dome.

Tony Dungy
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Tony Dungy: Can This Nice Guy Finish First?

Winning—and Dungy’s famous defense strategy for winning—is what people ask about all the time. Ultimately, Indianapolis’s new football figure’s present notoriety comes back to race.

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That’s A Mora

With 119 NFL victories, Jim Mora ranks 20th among all-time coaches, but he’s the only one with zero playoff victories. So, is his glass of Gatorade half full or half empty?

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Viewpoint: Peyton Manning

There are modest solutions being posited: Grant Hill, with his self-reflexive, “Image is Nothing,” advertising campaign and Tiger Woods’ Golf 101 spots. Are players today role models if they comment on the marketing spin while they are in the process of spinning?