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Indianapolis Steakhouses

Our list of the 16 hotspots. Find out who made the cut.

No. 10 — Mama Irma Restaurant

The spicing is subtle in some dishes, striking in others, but always precise. Sometimes the combination of ingredients challenges our middle-American notions. When was the last time you had chilled, spiced mashed potatoes molded around chicken salad? But dishes assembled with such care and presented so lovingly can grow on you and become familiar. As Indy’s ethnic food scene expands and (hopefully) fills in all of our international cracks, Mama Irma gives us a place to call home.

Best Meat Empire

The only question now is how to use the sexy cold cuts from Smoking Goose Meatery. Here, some tasty ideas.

The Dinner Party: When Things Go Wrong

For every perfect feast with friends, there’s a disaster that calls for quick thinking.

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Indianapolis Monthly. Best of Indy. December 2013.

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The House With A View

“We had a Realtor come over to give us an idea of what our home was worth. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.”