FARMbloomington Gets Some Sun

Chef Daniel Orr of FARMbloomington (108 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington) and Indiana University Press have released a new cookbook, Paradise Kitchen, featuring Caribbean-inspired recipes. You might be surprised at this Indiana native writing a tropical cookbook that includes the likes of conch chowder, pomelo salad, and saltfish beignets. But after years of working in kitchens in France, Belgium, and New York, Orr actually spent two years on the Island of Angu

Naked Tchopstix Rolls Downtown

By October, Naked Tchopstix hopes to be set up in its new downtown location, a 7,000-square-foot space in the basement of the King Cole Building (1 N. Meridian St.). Owner Maggie Lee expects to attract business folk for the lunch crowd and out-of-towners in the evenings. “So it will have a lot of smaller side rooms you can have smaller parties in," Lee says. "But the basic idea will be the same. Good food, nice drink, in a comfortable atmosphere."

The Scoop On The Strawberry Festival

Photography by Jennifer Pace

Swoon List: Five Things We Adore Right Now

1. The seared-ahi appetizer at Detour – An American Grille (110 W. Main St., Carmel, 571-0091), seared tuna rolled in toasted black sesame seeds, squiggled with kabayaki and chili/garlic mayo, and served with a bright Asian slaw. 2. A dozen mini oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies for $3.80 at Potbelly Sandwich Shop (55 Monument Circle, 423-9043). 3. Northside Kitchenette’s (6515 N College Ave., 253-1022) Munchie Supre

WEEKEND IN REVIEW: MacKenzie River Pizza Company

MacKenzie River Pizza Company (4939 E. 82nd St., 288-0609), had been open for only a couple of weeks when we visited. The Castleton-area casual-dining chain, founded in Montana by a family of former Hoosiers, still has a few kinks to work out: They ran out of thin crust, service was almost comically slow, and the blinds that keep the sun from baking customers on the deck were “broken.” But the go

Europa, Europa

European markets, bakeries, and restaurants have come and gone in Indy over the years. We’re still mourning the passing of Russia House, with its mushroom soups and tangy cherry dumplings. And Slaviansky Bazaar in Carmel barely got up and running before it closed, taking its Russian beers, stuffed zucchini rolls, and delectable veal roll with it. Now Lou Mladenovic, who has long operated a beloved deli, bakery, and Old World market in Crown Point has opened a second loca

(Take the) Cannoli Queen Cafe

Lisa Snow grew up in an Italian home that loved food, and she has been cooking handed-down recipes all her life. Last September, she decided to try catering, and “it kind of just took off,” she says. Tomorrow, she celebrates the grand opening of her 20-seat Cannoli Queen Cafe (1279 N. Emerson Ave, Greenwood, 882-1908), where she will serve up her best handmade family recipes, including sandwiches, pasta, and de

WEEKEND IN REVIEW: Byrne’s Grilled Pizza

A mixup on times for food carts lead us down a tasty trail on Friday at Flat12 Bierwerks (414 N. Dorman St.) after we biked to the Holy Cross neighborhood for lunch. We had anticipated the grand opening of Scratch Street Food, promising a burger with bacon marmalade, arugula, and gorgonzola. But we didn’t read their Twitter post that they wouldn’t be at Fla

Cupcake Happy Hour at Sweet Tooth Bakery

As if we needed another reason to count down the hours until 5 p.m., Sweet Tooth Bakery (610 Mass. Ave., 317-632-5451) is doing a Cupcake Happy Hour every Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m. Cupcakes go for $1 each, instead of the normal $2.50. Sweet.