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No. 25 – Tini

Don’t be surprised to hear a ribald pickup line like “Muddle my blueberries,” but don’t expect the bartender to blush, either.

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Life Behind Bars: Drink Slingers Tell Their Tales

Stories from behind the counter and in the thick of it all.

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Closing Time: Saying Goodbye to a Few Favorite Bars

The theater/bar Hollywood Bar & Filmworks on South Meridian Street passed away in 2006, and we’re still in denial. With huge vintage movie posters on the wall and high-top tables, the place had the grimy charm of a comedy club.

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One Drink, 10 Ways: The Moscow Mule

Three simple ingredients—vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice—go into the Moscow Mule, yet every bar makes this trendy cocktail its own. Our stubborn Mule aficionados found the best.

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Shots & Ladders: The Game of Getting a Liquor License in Indy

Step 1: a successful background check. If you’re not a felon, you’ve aced the first requirement.

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Brew-Ha-Ha Proves a Smash

Pretzel necklaces and sun dresses, boat shoes and big sunglasses—that’s Brew-Ha-Ha in a nutshell. And what a gloriously sweaty nutshell it is, this beer festival now in its 17th iteration. The annual street party takes place on Park Avenue between Mass Ave and St. Clair Street for four afternoon hours each late June.

Hail Mary, Indianapolis Monthly, December 2011
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Hail Mary: Hoosier Momma

Erin Edds always was a fan of the Bloody Mary, but she could never find one worth her while. When an event planner asked her to submit an Indy-centric pro-duct for some Super Bowl suite baskets in 2010, Edds, then co-owner of local gourmet packaged-goods company Country Mouse City Mouse, took the opportunity to fill the void. “If I could make a Bloody Mary that I loved,” she says, “I’d guarantee other people would love it, too.”

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Bikes and Beer

To be clear: none of the local Bike to Work Day organizers advocate unsafe practices involving alcohol and bikes. But this morning’s festivities on Monument Circle, part of a national event, had a distinctively hoppy flavor.