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An orange puree of sweet potatoes serves as a bed to roasted vegetables.
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Swoon List: OP Italian, Studio C, And More

A couple of newcomers highlight this week’s lineup.

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The Feed: Shake Shack Rumors

Is “New York’s In-N-Out” destined for Indy?

Photo of blue paper coffee cup
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Introducing Gavel Curated Cafe

“We wanted to treat coffee like a culinary experience. So the optimal level of cream, the optimal level of sweetener. And by warming it before we add it to the coffee, it keeps everything really smooth.”

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Review: Moontown Brewing Company

The food does have a certain tailgate-party motif that shows up in succulent smoked-and-fried chicken wings that you can order lashed with Nashville hot sauce.

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The Neely House

A restaurant hasn’t fussed over itself or its customers this much since the previous millennium.

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Cafe Patachou Turns 30

Here’s a (cinnamon) toast to its cultural impact.

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Swoon List: Beholder, Nesso, And More

Come for the pork rinds, stay for the salted blood orange dessert.

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Taste Test: Cannoli

Take the cannoli: five versions of the Sicilian carnival treat.

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The Feed: Greg Hardesty’s Studio C

At his new mixed-use space, Greg Hardesty is the chef, coffee maker, culinary instructor, and go-to source for hard-to-find ingredients.

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Introducing Greg Hardesty’s Studio C

“Because that’s all I’ve ever really cared about. It’s never been about money or fame, just how good I can get at this craft of cooking.”

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February Foodie Extra: Ambrosia Meatball Recipe

The perfect pasta topper.

A towering slice of carrot cake covered in a caramel sauce
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What’s In That? Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Studded with golden raisins, nuts, and pineapple.

Picture of orange carrot fritters with a white dipping sauce
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Swoon List: Public Greens, Daredevil Hall, And More

It’s pho season.

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February Foodie: Francesca Pizzi

“It’s a beautiful historic building and we want to keep some of the old stuff, especially the tile floor.”

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The Feed: JW Marriott’s OP Italian

The fine-dining restaurant inside JW Marriott gets a rebranding.