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A large, golden brown slab of flatbread holds yellow puffs of eggs, chorizo sausage, and sliced red onion.
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May Foodie Extra: Breakfast Flatbread Recipe

And what does Justin Jones pair with his chorizo flatbread? Coffee, of course.

A bowl of thick, dark, gooey chocolate.
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Recipe: Gallery Pastry Shop’s Ganache

You can also use it as icing, or eat it with a spoon. There are no wrong answers.

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February Foodie Extra: Ambrosia Meatball Recipe

The perfect pasta topper.

Hemingway Daiquiri
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Punch Drunk Love

Say aloha to the classic daiquiri.

Jar of pickles
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Madea’s Pickling Brine

Madea tested, kid approved.

Scratch-made biscuits with jam
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Twinkle VanWinkle’s Biscuits

Homemade biscuits are one comfort food Twinkle VanWinkle refuses to give up.

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Kelly Kimpton’s Roast Beef

This good apple knows a thing or two about good gravy.

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DIY Taco Night

Moral of the stories: If you haven’t tried cactus paddle, you must.

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Eddie Sahm’s Pork Poutine Recipe

Crispy fries at home with a little gravy and crispy pork belly? That’s time well spent.

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Lisa Moyer’s Hollandaise Sauce

Season to taste, add more lemon juice, enjoy with practically anything.

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Ian Phillips’s Pan-seared Brussels Sprouts

Three Carrots chef Ian Phillips fuels our love affair with Brussels sprouts.

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Cake Bake’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Cake Bake Shop’s signature cookies preen from their glass case, thanks to edible glitter and big flakes of fleur de sel. Two kinds of chocolate are key.

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Recipe: Deidra Henry’s Pesto

What are Deidra Henry’s other favorite things? Subscribe to Indy Monthly to find out.

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Recipe: Lindy Brown’s Icelandic Maid

Light, refreshing, and well-balanced. Skál!

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Bill Weghorst’s Broccoli Salad Recipe

A web-exclusive recipe from the man behind Broccoli Bill’s in Noblesville.