Recipe: Indiana State Fair Fried Green Beans

Candace Wylie of local spice company FoodLoveTog recreates the allure of the State Fair's fried vegetable stand, ranch dressing and all.
Breaded cheese curds piled on blue checked paper

Recipe: Indiana State Fair Cheese Curds

There are few things more Midwestern than fried cheese curds. Here's our recipe for the Indiana State Fair favorite.

Recipe: Indiana State Fair Roasted Corn

“My grandparents grew tons of corn every year, as well as my crazy uncle, and we’d always throw a few ears over the coals at backyard barbecues.”

Recipe: Indiana State Fair Elephant Ears

It’s hard to pinpoint a date when elephant ears became a staple at state fairs, but there’s no question they’re one of the biggest draws now.

IM’s At Home Series: Favorite State Fair Foods

Bring home the blue ribbon with these state fair-inspired recipes.

June Foodie Extra: Brown Sugar Crumble

“You can add texture to the top of a doughnut, pie, or even ice cream.”

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One of Connie Lee’s go-to ingredients for a quick bite is Spam. She loves to chop some up and throw it in a bowl of ramen, or have it with rice and an egg for breakfast.

Recipe: Andreina Paredes Angulo’s Green Juice

“Like a little detox to start the day.”

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Chef Tracey Couillard is a New Englander who loves seafood comfort dishes.