Review: Strange Bird

Why You Should Flock To This Irvington Bar


No. 18 - It takes some diligence to maintain a spot on this list after 17 years. Peterson’s, which has been dishing up elegant surf and turf in its clubby, dark-paneled dining room since the dawn of gourmet mac and cheese, also has a lock on consistency.

Review: Anthony’s Chophouse

Conspicuously missing from Anthony’s lineup: a shrimp cocktail.

Review: The Prewitt

The Prewitt brings star power to a vintage movie theater in Plainfield.

The Art of the Meal: A Review of Cerulean

I glanced up from my butternut-and-acorn squash salad just as a group of business-dressed women in CityWay hard hats filed past Cerulean’s courtyard windows—on what looked like a guided tour of this $155 million mixed-use complex-in-the-making. When complete, the downtown site will house a boutique hotel, townhomes, shops, a park, a YMCA, and this gorgeous fishbowl of a restaurant where lunch arrives in westernized polished-walnut bento boxes. I wondered, as I plucked bites of balsamic-glazed pork loin, green beans spiked with vinaigrette, and spicy chorizo–crumbled potatoes from their individual compartments, if that tour group was as captivated by the soaring modern floorplan as I was by my lunch. It’s easy to get excited about this much new-urban design and sauce-painted dishware. But should we resist the temptation to fawn over all the pretty plates? Does the style have substance? Or have we fallen under the spell of a very impressive dog-and-pony show?

Eat Sheet: Milktooth, General American Donut Co. & More

Brunch restaurant Milktooth nears an opening date, and General American Donut Co. plans to serve lunch.

Raising the Barn: A Review of Rail Epicurean Market

Rail Epicurean Market has the kind of hidden-gem quality that tempts people to keep it all to themselves.
A woman carries two plates in a colorful dining room

Ash & Elm Cider Co. Finds Its Sweet Spot

Chef Tracey Couillard heads up the kitchen at the expanded Ash & Elm Cider Co.

The New Spot Serving Up Turkish Cuisine In Broad Ripple

Usta Mediterranean Restaurant brings traditional dishes of Istanbul to the neighborhood.
The Eagle

The Eagle Has Landed on Mass Ave

It’s a gutsy move, serving fried chicken to a Hoosier audience raised on Hollyhock Hill and Gray Brothers Cafeteria, but this bird—Amish-raised on an Ohio farm before being brined and dredged in a proprietary dusting that gives the pieces a hint of delayed heat—might as well hail from a Hendricks County church pitch-in.