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Très Chick: A Review Of Crispy Bird

Très chick: We are Hoosiers, after all. Fried chicken is our thing. So of course fighting about it can get as messy as eating it.

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Review: Burger Study

A study in higher learning.

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Review: Taxman Fortville

Bargersville’s original food-forward brewing company explores the northern suburbs.

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Review: Provision

If tater tots are trending now, why not exploit the starchy nubbins with a grown-up treatment called Loaded Tater Tottlers?

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Review: Bar One Fourteen

David Hoover’s menu is brief and precise, a smartly cropped snapshot of his Paris cooking-school days.

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Review: Stella

When Neal Brown introduced Stella, the dreamy Mediterranean bistro that replaced his Mass Ave Pizzology in June, the announcement seemed like the tiniest plot twist in a crazy story arc of local restaurant news. In the months before and since, Indy’s dinner plans were ravaged by a string of closings. The dozens of casualties included […]

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Review: Livery Serves Tricked-Out Tapas In Cozy New Downtown Spot

There are easier ways to open a successful restaurant. Like choosing a raw location that is a little more accommodating than a crumbling building from the late 1800s, former horse stables with no electricity or plumbing—or picking a cuisine with some mass appeal, instead of tackling the exotic complexity of a tapas-style pan-Latin menu. You […]

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High on the Hog: A Review of The Mug in Irvington

The second incarnation of entrepreneur Chris Baggott’s farm-to-curb concept that started in Greenfield checks every box for a successful run.

Salt on Mass
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New Wave: A Review of Salt on Mass

It’s a stunner, for sure. Carmel’s MAWR Design wrapped this 3,000-square-foot slip of natural light in white shiplap and bleached-out stone for that luxurious Gulf Coast beach condo look that makes you want to remove your shoes at the door.

Turf Catering + Kitchen
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Small But Meaty: A Review of Turf Catering + Kitchen

Turf is the kind of off-the-grid place that puts foodies like us in an awkward place of wanting to shout its praises from the corrugated rooftops but also keep its hidden-secret status all to ourselves.

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Raised Well: A Review of Griggsby’s Station

You want to root for a place this genuine and charming, with its patio lit by string lights and framed in 300-gallon stock tanks full of flowers—and its sweet plaid-shirted servers as chatty as old high school buddies you might run into at Target.

Brian Baker
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Now Trending: A Review of Open Society

The cluster of umbrella-shielded tables out front feels like ground zero for everything Indianapolis wants to be right now.

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Tech Munch: A Review of ClusterTruck

What kind of wrinkle in the time-space continuum must occur for an online order of food to arrive, hot and fresh at my curb, barely 20 minutes after clicking on the “place order” button, which is faster than I could walk to City Market?

Nada tacos
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Mex Master: Nada Review

With a fun vibe and vibrant decor, Nada offers its own interpretation of Mexican cuisine.

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Fresh Canvas: A Review of Vida

When the food is this attractive, every bite is preceded by a moment of hesitation, if only to admire all those intentional squiggles of sauce and microgreen halos before the plate turns into chaos.