Nada tacos

Mex Master: Nada Review

With a fun vibe and vibrant decor, Nada offers its own interpretation of Mexican cuisine.

Fresh Canvas: A Review of Vida

When the food is this attractive, every bite is preceded by a moment of hesitation, if only to admire all those intentional squiggles of sauce and microgreen halos before the plate turns into chaos.
Chili at FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale

FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale

No. 15 - Of all the unexpected places Indy’s ever-expanding food scene took us this year, we never figured on Main Street Fortville as the location for a rollicking comfort-food pub with a lighthearted yet sophisticated soul.
Wood-fired wild mushrooms at Union 50

Union 50

No. 16 - Union 50 proves that when you have a menu adventurous enough to offer a smear of roasted bone marrow alongside fish and chips with powdered vinegar, you don’t have to follow the standard rules of engagement.
Salmon at The Oceanaire Seafood Room

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

No. 17 - Don’t save Oceanaire just for special occasions. Hot appetizers such as the generous crab cake or the rich and savory shrimp and grits make for a great weeknight meal with a salad and a glass of wine.


No. 18 - It takes some diligence to maintain a spot on this list after 17 years. Peterson’s, which has been dishing up elegant surf and turf in its clubby, dark-paneled dining room since the dawn of gourmet mac and cheese, also has a lock on consistency.

The Garden Table

No. 19 - Young Broad Ripplians, still dewy from hot yoga refuel at this fresh-faced juice bar and brunch kitchen.

Public Greens

No. 20 - What has been most fun about Public Greens is how Patachou, Inc.’s most conscientious, improvisational offering is always changing to follow the seasons.

Spoke & Steele

No. 21 - Spoke & Steele brings a new level of bespoke dining to downtown's Le Meridien hotel.

Napolese Pizzeria

No. 22 - Napolese has one not-so-secret weapon that elevates this menu above the rest: Patachou, Inc.’s executive chef Tyler Herald.