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Best Of Indy 2019: Health & Beauty

Look and feel your best with these local favorites.

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How Bad Is It, Doc?

Here’s their diagnosis.

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Q&A With Seema Verma

Get the Medicare prognosis from the expert.

A woman in athletic attire leads a bouncing fitness class.
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Bodywise: Bounce Back Indiana

Kangoo workouts unite an eastside community.

A woman sits reclined in a char while an IV drip is attached to her arm.
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IV League

Intravenous lounges are the summer’s hottest cocktail bars.

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I Last Smoked Pot Three Decades Ago. In The Interest Of Journalism, I Decided To Give It Another Try

In the 30 years since I gave up marijuana, both the culture of it and I have changed.

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The Case For Legalizing Marijuana

With public opinion among Hoosiers surging in favor of legalizing marijuana and other Midwestern states taking the lead, many wonder how long the Indiana legislature can ignore the issue.

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Top Doctors 2018

Indianapolis Monthly’s annual Top Doctors guide takes months to produce, but in the end, it makes finding a great specialist easy. The whole thing starts with a question that’s about as reliable a measure of quality as it gets: Which doctors do physicians turn to for their own care?

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Speed Read: Monumental Yoga

Not a stretch: This is a massive class.

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Has The 70-Year-Old Kinsey Institute Gone Soft?

What’s love got to do with it? Depends on who you ask.

Orangetheory Fitness Health & Wellness
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How To Work Out For Free All Month

Goodbye, excuses. Hello, free Pilates, cycling, and barre classes.

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Indiana’s Drug Czar: The Worst Is Yet To Come

Indiana hasn’t reached the peak of the opioid epidemic yet.

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Does Indy Need A Needle Exchange Program?

Dr. Krista Brucker, a reform advocate for opioid overdose treatment, fears Indianapolis is headed for deadly HIV and HIV and hepatitis C outbreaks.

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Roxane Gay’s new book gave me the courage to say, “I’m fat.”

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Hot On the Trails: Greenwood’s Tracy Trail

Not ideal for distance at 1.5 miles, the Tracy is well suited to casual runners and quick-cardio seekers.