Video: Michelle Obama on ‘Lil Bub’s Big Show’

When you pair the first lady and a celebrity cat, the result is, in the parlance of Web gurus, click-bait. Or, if you prefer, click-catnip.

Six Ways To Power Up With Crystals

A new age of interest has conjured a slew of shops that sell crystals that will look pretty on a tabletop if the magic isn’t happening.

Who Will and Won't Use Indy Bikeshare

Twenty-five stations corral 250 sturdy bikes, each outfitted with a lock, a basket, and a map.
Orangetheory Fitness Health & Wellness

Best of Indy: Health & Beauty

We bring you the best in fitness, pampering, and wholesome foods in the 2015 Best of Health & Beauty.

Eskenazi Has A History With Epidemics

During a smallpox epidemic, Indianapolis built its first hospital—in the middle of a swamp.
Hundreds gathered Tuesday, June 23, to do headstands on Monument Circle in as they attempt to set a world record for the most headstands performed at one time.

Q&A: Olympic Day with Gymnasts Shannon Miller and Jaycie Phelps

1996 Olympic gymnasts chat about handstand strategy, the P&G National Championships, and Rio 2016.

13 Things We Love Most About the Monon Trail

1. It’s an advertising-free zone. 2. Barbecue sandwich at Locally Grown Gardens. 3. Murals. 4. Spying cool bikes. ...

Andrew Luck's Offseason: Child's Play

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health debuted their Change the Play summer-camp tour Tuesday in Bloomington. After another stop...

Unspoken Rules of NIFS

Lunges around the 200m track? Fine. Holding hands with someone? Side-eye.
Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Indianapolis Monthly

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Pediatrician-Turned-Wrestler

"I'll wrestle 'Hannah the Ferocious Banana'—cute little girl, but don’t let her fool you. She is not a nice person in the ring. Sometimes, we have to lift her off the ground by her ponytails."