A smiling Dr. Atul Chugh, cardiologist, St. Franciscan Physician Network Indiana Heart Physicians

Top Doctors on the Ripple Effects of COVID-19

Dr. Aaron Carroll—one of the nation’s leading voices on COVID-19—identifies the healthcare crisis from a variety of angles.

North Mass Boulder Is A Social Climber

Combining community and movement, the bouldering gym doesn't see walls.

The Former IU Hoops Stars Helping Hoosiers Sleep Soundly

Steve Green and Brian Evans are working together to treat sleep apnea and snoring.

These Dog-Friendly Cabins In Ohio Will Help You Unplug… For A...

The snuggle is real at these modern mini-cabins designed to help you disconnect.
Mary Hauser

Meet The Breast Cancer Survivor Making Nipple Tattoos

“I’ve always been artistic, and I thought, Maybe I can learn to do this.”
Lesley Saligoe

Sound Baths, Sound Stress Reliever

Scrub the mind with ancient musical frequencies.
Tarkington Park Rajeev Ram Tennis

May We Suggest Tennis Lessons?

Whether you’ve never picked up a racket or haven’t since gym class, get ready to embrace your inner Serena or Roger with these tips on how to get in the game, safely.
Nurse Jamie Skin Decision Netflix

A Hoosier’s New Netflix Show Debuts

All eight episodes are available to stream now.

For Orchard School Graduates, Commencement Goes Hollywood

“We watched these kids grow up, and now for them not to be able to go out in style. We weren't going to have it.”