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Realty Check: The Wishard Mansion

Want to buy this Victorian home?

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Home Of The Month: Fort Benjamin Harrison

Brick arches! Six fireplaces! A wraparound porch!

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Realty Check: Sunset Lane

A polished estate that can party.

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Home Of The Month: Broad Ripple Bungalow

“This is about uncovering more potential within the footprint of the bungalow,” says homeowner Lori Losee.

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Redwood Alert

Behold: a 1956 Harry Cooler-designed gem.

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Design X Three

“We can design the inside to whatever your lifestyle is. We’re creating spaces so that you don’t have to sacrifice when you move into a house like this.”

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Kennedy-King Smart Home

Become an early adopter by buying this bright smart home.

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This Carmel House With A Swimming Pool Attracted Tons Of Interest Before It Listed

“It’s much more economical to find a house that already has one.”

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Home Of The Month: Kitsch Perfect

“I don’t want things in my house that you can find in anyone else’s house.”

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Realty Check: Old Northside Victorian

To research the house, they opened the phone book and sent letters to anyone with the same last name as the two families who had owned the home long ago.

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Home Of The Month: Once Upon A Time

“Everywhere you turn, I tried to make something fun and unexpected, a little bit different.”

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Realty Check: Trim Dandy

“It’s kind of a Where’s Waldo? house. Find the angel. Find the dragon. Where are the faces?”

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10 Things We Want To Buy At Holder’s Home Collection

Who wants a teepee for their bedroom?

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Home Of The Month: The Frost House

Constructed of steel and aluminum modules in different colors, the Frost House winks at passing drivers like a mondrian painting in the middle of a forest.

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Home Of The Month: Light Box

A modern smart home at Geist.