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Indiana Trails: Clifty Falls State Park as Nature's Stairmaster

The steep canyon knifing through the 178-acre nature preserve in Clifty Falls State Park offers plenty of drama.

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Indiana Trails: Three Experts Sound Off

“Brown County’s Green Valley guarantees a smile,” says Sally Marchand Collins. “It’s a fast, swooping trail that causes me to scream like a little girl as I launch off the top of each little roller-coaster peak.”

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Knobstone Trail 101: Indiana's Longest Footpath

Avid hikers often use the Knobstone to warm up for longer hikes along the Appalachian Trail—even calling it “the little AT.” But if you’d like an easier introduction, these three day hikes will do the trick. Gird your glutes!

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The Hoosierist: Foraging and Beer-Drinking on Indiana Trails

Booze-related injuries are comparatively rare on Indiana trails. Of greater concern is the threat of dehydration, which can happen when you try to replenish your sweaty, overheated body with booze instead of H2O.

1960s cavers approach the Binkley entrance.
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Into the Darkness

Sooner or later, most cavers pick up a nickname. His was Slim Tim. One hundred and twenty-five pounds of sinew and muscle stretched taught on a lean frame. Part slingshot, part projectile, he zipped through cracks where other bodies wouldn’t fit.

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Travel: Runway Success in Columbus, Ohio

Over the last decade, Ohio’s capital has built on its reputation as the corporate headquarters of Abercrombie & Fitch, The Limited, and Victoria’s Secret to become one of the country’s most fashion-forward places.

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Four Wheelchair-Accessible Indiana Trails

These spots for everyone are designed to remove obstacles, not fun.

Charles Schindler
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A Newbie’s Guide to Mountain-Biking

In the spring of 2014, Charles Schindler gave up his dental practice to pursue his true passion: teaching mountain-biking.

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Editor's Note, October 2014: Hit the Trail!

The geographic features revealed on the Indiana trails highlighted in this issue were surprising—from the prehistoric bog by the dunes to a sandstone canyon—making hiking and biking them all the more entertaining.

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Join the Pack: Great Indy Hiking and Biking Groups

Founded in 1957, the 580-member Indianapolis Hiking Club organizes more than 2,000 hikes annually around the state and beyond (including a 2015 weeklong trip to the Rio Grande).

Biking icon
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Stretch Your Legs on These Pretty Indy Trails

From Zionsville’s Starkey Park to Fort Ben, hike and bike your way around town.

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Get Hooked on Indiana's Zipline Craze

Some ziplines cross open spaces, from pole to pole. Others run under a forest canopy, from tree to tree. True thrill-seekers will want the rush of whooshing through tight, leafy nooks at 20 to 45 miles per hour.

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Travel: Shipshewana's Amish Country

It’s Brown County with buggies, except Shipshewana lacks the centralized core that makes Nashville easy to roam. Instead, look for the Reifsnider Harness Shop mural and find yourself around the corner from the town’s best store.

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Indiana Zipline Guide

Want a new way to take in fall foliage? Try one of the state’s 14 zipline courses.

The Gateway Arch St. Louis
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Traveler: St. Louis Turns 250

Local artists have decorated 250 fiberglass birthday cakes strategically positioned all around town.