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Get Hooked on Indiana's Zipline Craze

Some ziplines cross open spaces, from pole to pole. Others run under a forest canopy, from tree to tree. True thrill-seekers will want the rush of whooshing through tight, leafy nooks at 20 to 45 miles per hour.

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Travel: Shipshewana's Amish Country

It’s Brown County with buggies, except Shipshewana lacks the centralized core that makes Nashville easy to roam. Instead, look for the Reifsnider Harness Shop mural and find yourself around the corner from the town’s best store.

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Indiana Zipline Guide

Want a new way to take in fall foliage? Try one of the state’s 14 zipline courses.

The Gateway Arch St. Louis
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Traveler: St. Louis Turns 250

Local artists have decorated 250 fiberglass birthday cakes strategically positioned all around town.

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Realty Check: What $2.5 Million Gets You on Lake Wawasee

This spread on Lake Wawasee’s northwest shore boasts its own private island.

Comiskey and Ruhtenberg (seated) arrive at Columbus
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Milestones: An Indiana Architecture Road Trip

In the elaborate latticework of Indiana’s back roads, even a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece can hide.

Wilt snapped this photo of Indy Eleven colleague John Koluder in Brazil—Indiana, that is. (Photo courtesy Peter Wilt)
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Tour de Indiana: Peter Wilt Visits All 92 County Courthouses

To date, he has visited 85 of them. The only part of the state that has escaped him so far is its southwest corner. That changes today.

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Traveler: Traverse City's Cherry Festival

Studded with charming eateries, roadside farm stands, lovely orchards, and postcard-perfect wineries, Traverse City packs a big foodie punch.

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Columbus, Indiana, Has a New Angle

The people of Columbus want to keep building. In the words of J. Irwin Miller, “Never play it safe. Take the big risk.”

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Road Trip: Shopping in Culver, Indiana

With our shopping-guide photo gallery, you’ll be back on your way in no time.

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Phil Gulley: Flyover Country

This year, we’re not leaving Indiana. The little woman and I will head to our farm in Orange County, where the people are humble, the landscape inviting, the snakes few and modest in size, and nothing untoward ever happens.

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Traveler: New Harmony Weekend

Now celebrating its 200th anniversary and more accessible with the opening of I-69 from Bloomington to Evansville, the town is at its best in early May.

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Traveler: Southern Indiana & Thunder Over Louisville

Spectators needn’t leave Indiana to take it all in: Across the water from the bluegrass metropolis, a cluster of Hoosier burgs offers visitors a view of the aerial extravaganza against a glittering skyline backdrop. And saves you from the region’s bane: bridge congestion.

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Traveler: A Hotel for Beer Geeks in Milwaukee

The transformation of a famous brewery into a boutique hotel makes this lakefront hotspot our new draft pick.

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The New Iconic Image of Indianapolis Is …

Indianapolis makes a major travel-destination list, and in the process a new iconic image of the city has emerged.