Has The 70-Year-Old Kinsey Institute Gone Soft?

What's love got to do with it? Depends on who you ask.

Scott Jones Got Rich Inventing The Next Big Thing. Can He...

Indy’s most prolific, flamboyant entrepreneur says he's burned through his fortune of more than $400 million amid lavish spending, a high-profile business failure, and a nasty divorce.

Help Wanted

WHILE EVERYONE was quiet-quitting last year, I got old-fashioned fired. The blindsided kind of fired. “Letting you go,” my boss at the marketing company...

The Enduring Legacy Of Slaughterhouse-Five

“How do you follow something like Slaughterhouse-Five? It can’t be done.”
Vevay postcard illustration

Why Kat Von D Moved To Indiana’s Weirdest Town

When celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D bought a mansion in Vevay last year, some were surprised the L.A. counterculture queen would settle down in rural Indiana. But the weird southeastern Indiana town was wonderfully so, long before her arrival.

The Uncle I Never Knew

I USED TO SEE HIM on family visits to my grandparents’ house in Mooresville: an angular kid in a turquoise tank top, peering from...
An astronaut takes a space walk outside of the shuttle.

Hoosier Astronauts Share Their Stories Of Space

Hoosier astronauts describe the thrill of liftoff, the horror of mistakes, and that view.
The abandoned Lafayette Square Mall Fabio de la Cruz is redeveloping

Fabio Goes Shopping at Lafayette Square

Fabio de la Cruz has promised to transform long-suffering Lafayette Square Mall with a $200 million investment, most of it his own money. His name may not be real, but his skeptics are.

Checkered Past

His car owner, Howard Marmon, however, was having a different sort of evening.
A man sits with a space helmet and suit on.

The Next Neil Armstrong

Purdue’s shaping of the American astronaut—now and in the years to come.