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Long Weekends

The boss thinks Friday is a workday. And maybe it is for the rest of those poor folks back at the office. But when the days are sunny, the nights are warm, and the water’s just right, two-day weekends hardly seem long enough. So we hereby declare Friday workdays to be optional. And by “optional” we mean we won’t be showing up at all. Join us, won’t you?

Rich Burd, A Lot To Lose article in Indianapolis Monthly
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A Lot To Lose

Here comes Rich Burd, emerging from the rows of gleaming automobiles, extending his hand in your direction as if he’s been expecting you. You’ve seen him before, in his cheesy TV commercials—“Haven’t you heard? Burd’s the word!”—and here he is in the flesh. He’s a bit shorter than you expected, but there’s that same round face with heavy eyelids, the same blond buzz-cut standing motionless in the breeze, the same knowing smile. He wants to welcome you to his kingdom of freshly washed and waxed coupes and sedans, half-tons, full-tons, SUVs and hybrids, if that’s your thing, each adorned with a bright-colored balloon and priced to sell. He grips your hand firmly, looks you in the eye, and asks if he can show you something, as if he already knows exactly what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

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Checkered Past

His car owner, Howard Marmon, however, was having a different sort of evening.

milan indiana long shot opener
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Long Shot

Milan could be any small Indiana town—except, of course, for its high-school basketball team, which won the state title almost 60 years ago. Now, a few locals are trying to adapt that history into a basketball museum and a bid at reviving their town. But could Milan’s legacy actually be what keeps it from moving forward?

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More Than A Thousand Days

FOR YEARS, TOYIN AYANGADE HAS been careful. She works early mornings and late evenings so she won’t have to drive past bustling parks and playgrounds. She stays in on holidays so she won’t have to dodge trick-or-treaters or see the columns of smoke rising from backyard family barbecues. Even in Walmart, she hurries past the bulletin board of missing children and takes detours to avoid the racks of kids’ clothing and towering shelves of toys.

David Scott
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Free Man

David Scott spent 23 years in prison, wrongly convicted of murder. But after two years on the outside, he wonders if he’ll every truly be free.

lost and found opener
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Lost and Found

I am 28 years old—the age my mother was when she was killed by a woman who drank, used drugs, and then slid behind the wheel of a car. For years, I tried to fill the hole that lost left in my life—with bitterness, with a search for the woman who killed her, even with alcohol. And then finally, I stopped reaching into the past and found what I was looking for.

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Bible Belter

The midday sun has finally emerged from behind the top tier of the Circle Tower in downtown Indianapolis, and gradually, it starts to lift the building’s broad shadow. Sunshine slowly pours into Monument Circle. The old cowboy grins.

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Viewpoint: Peyton Manning

There are modest solutions being posited: Grant Hill, with his self-reflexive, “Image is Nothing,” advertising campaign and Tiger Woods’ Golf 101 spots. Are players today role models if they comment on the marketing spin while they are in the process of spinning?