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Ten Point Coalition’s Turf War With The City’s East Side

Some residents say Ten Point Coalition is diverting resources from longstanding community groups there and claiming victory in an area that remains troubled.

The Problem with Crime Junkie
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The Problem With Crime Junkie

When will the amateur sleuths with professional problems get a clue?

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Phil Gulley: Happy To Report

I enjoy my annual review so much, I’m thinking of giving one to everyone in my family.

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Importantville: 98 Days Until Iowa And Merritt’s Misfire

Plus: Early voting in Marion County is up 102% over 2015 levels.

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Buttigieg Jumps In Iowa Poll

“We’ve got a terrific ground game,” Buttigieg said Sunday.

Democrat candidate for president Pete Buttigieg at his office in South Bend.
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Exclusive: Pete Buttigieg Is Prepping To Go The Distance In Indiana

Is Buttigieg interested in running for governor? “We’ve got our sights set on exactly one office.”

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Phil Gulley: Getting A Handle

An ancient Native American ax sharpens one man’s thinking.

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Inside The Indy Catholic Schools LGBTQ Controversy

Coming out.

Politics & Pints
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Join Us For Politics And Pints

Adam Wren leads a conversation with Senator Todd Young (R) and Democratic hopeful Christina Hale.

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Catching The Couple Who Conned Amazon

Prime suspects.

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Pence’s Accomplishments As VP

“He does the kind of stuff the president isn’t willing to do.”

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Mike Pence And The Tale Of The Tape

Yep, that one.

The Phil Gulley illustrated character watching football on television.
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Phil Gulley: Remote Locations

As a man without a TV, I’m disappointed in those who have one—and I’m always visiting to watch and tell them so.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck stands at a podium announcing his retirement.
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Luck Said No To The NFL—Why Can’t We?

We’re all susceptible to getting swept up in the mob mentality of fandom to some degree.

A person boards a city bus from the sidewalk
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Red Line: Our How-To Guide

Mass transit in Indy is about to look a whole lot different.