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Dick Wells, Orchid Farmer

“Dick knows his stuff. He shows up with what we need and is excited for our success.”

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The Marijuana Advocate

Since 2013, I’ve been out in California preparing for the day when Indiana legalizes medical marijuana. My family has been involved in the cultivation of cannabis from my earliest ancestors. I moved to Bakersfield from Indy and took up the family business, so to speak. Operating under the name Hoosier Farms, I began growing and […]

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Decoding Chris Baggott

Baggott’s early years were marked by the kind of pain, frustration, and failure that would wreck anyone not equipped with his tenacious belief that better things are around the corner.

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Ersal Ozdemir’s 11th Hour

“We’re going to make one last run at it,” Ozdemir said of the Indy Eleven. “Something has to change.”

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What’s The Future Of Indy’s Shared Workspaces?

“You’re not just renting an office from us. You’re becoming part of a tight-knit community.”

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What’s Going To Happen To Circle Centre?

Almost anyone who came of age in the ’70s and ’80s spent some leisure time strolling the spacious halls of an enclosed shopping mall.

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Indy Can Become A Tech Hub Without The New Amazon Headquarters

But there are a few bugs in the program that gets the city there.

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Handicapping Amazon's HQ2 Sweepstakes

Alexa, does Indy have a shot? Alexa?

Aman Brar
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Text Your Way To Your Next Job

The man behind the world’s first text-based interviewing platform

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What's The Password?

“About 18 percent of venture-backed tech companies in the U.S. have at least one female founder on the team. Here, that number is only 8 percent.”

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The Unblinding: Has Lilly Solved the Alzheimer’s Puzzle? — An Epilogue

The search continues.

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Why One Indy Tech-Industry Player Supports Refugee Resettlement

“It’s not just believing in it as a human and for humanity and for morality.”

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The Name of the Game: Forrest Lucas

What $122 million in naming rights buys you.

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On the Brand Wagon

Global brands like Airbnb and Under Armour are keeping an eye the progress of these three competing Indiana businesses.

Steve Hilbert
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“Mystery of Trump’s Orange Skin” Leads Writer to Indiana

Indianapolis was once proclaimed the “world’s tanning-bed capital.”