The Confessions Of Cleveland Bynum

Did Cleveland Bynum kill five people? According to a dead man, no.

The Couple Investigating The Death Of Their Daughter

Jessie Whitehouse was shot in her home last fall, and IMPD hasn’t yet publicly identified a suspect.
Mike Tyson leaving police car in Indianapolis

A Lawyer’s Look At The Mike Tyson Rape Trial

At least 15 critical mistakes led directly to Tyson’s conviction.
Mike Tyson The Decision

The Decision: Mike Tyson’s Rape Trial, 25 Years Later

One of the biggest legal fights in this modern era of celebrity trials, the Tyson affair was a knockout.

A System Reboot for Child Pornography Detectives

A crew of Hoosiers revolutionized the way authorities investigate child pornography crimes all over the world.

Blindsided: A Dream Engagement Turned Nightmare

Don Huckstep thought he’d found true love in his small hometown of Fowler, Indiana. But when Teri Deneka mysteriously vanished from his life, the disappearance foreshadowed a bizarre—and grisly—series of discoveries that left Huckstep, police, and another man’s family with more questions than answers.

The City’s Big Bet on Tarkington Park

"It took 50 years for this area to decline," says one of the organizers, "and we’re going to make a major leap in the next five."

Calling for Backup

A third of the nation’s 18,000 police departments have already adopted the technology.
Jim Jones

Jim Jones: The Dark Side of Indiana

Yes, we know: Guiding 913 well-meaning followers—including hundreds of children—to their deaths is absolutely indefensible. So this is not an apology for Jim Jones.
Grand Canyon stock photo plus quote from Chris Carlson

Granddad Gone Bad

Chris Carlson left Indianapolis with his three grandsons for a male-bonding adventure in the Grand Canyon. Then he went to prison.