Johnny Nugent

My Gun Story: The Legislator

"Yes, I’ve carried a gun into the Statehouse in the past. Why? Because I can. It’s America."
Mike Tyson The Decision

The Decision: Mike Tyson’s Rape Trial, 25 Years Later

One of the biggest legal fights in this modern era of celebrity trials, the Tyson affair was a knockout.

Chilling Transcript of Dr. Gregory Konrath’s Alleged Murder Plot

The strange story of Dr. Gregory Konrath makes it to prime time with a spot on ABC News' 20/20 on Friday, September 18.
Kilroy's Sports Bar in Bloomington Indiana

The Lauren Spierer Mystery, Unraveled

Where is the missing IU student?

The City’s Big Bet on Tarkington Park

"It took 50 years for this area to decline," says one of the organizers, "and we’re going to make a major leap in the next five."
The Problem with Crime Junkie

The Problem With Crime Junkie

When will the amateur sleuths with professional problems get a clue?

Indianapolis: Crime in 2013

Numbers don’t tell the whole story. Facts on the ground make us fear that crime is simply running amok, particularly in some of the city’s destination neighborhoods and at showcase attractions.
Jill Behrman opening spread

How The Jill Behrman Case Informed Michael Koryta’s New Novel

This was the story that "kept circling through my mind."

Murder, She Wrote: The LaSalle Street Murders

Co-author Bettie Cadou was a longtime reporter for The Indianapolis News and taught journalism at Butler University and IUPUI. After her death in 2002, she was inducted into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame. Brian D. Smith is a former IM senior editor.

The Undercover Files: Child Exploitation

"Offenders know there’s a stigma. When they’re arrested, some are ashamed; others are relieved. I’ve actually had men tell me that they were glad to be caught. I think they take solace in having someone they can talk to about this secret they’ve been keeping."