IM Crime Files: In the Name of the Father

“We are all defined by our fathers,” says Bishop T. Garrett Benjamin of Mmoja Ajabu. “Everything we do in life is either in honor of, or in reaction to them.”
long con opener

The Long Con

Phil Ferguson pulled off one of the biggest frauds in Indiana history, duping clients out of millions of dollars and staying one step ahead of the law.
Kristine Bunch won freedom in 2012.

When Will Kristine Bunch Be Free?

After one son died in a house fire, Kristine Bunch of Greensburg did 16 years for murder and arson while separated from her other child. Eventually she won a grueling fight for freedom and a chance to be a mother again. But some things, she discovered, were lost forever.

Mean Streets

My old neighborhood used to be a nice little place to live. But since I moved back, rampant crime has made it a desperate, dangerous wasteland. It just took a botched burglary at a friend’s house for me to wake up and see it.
Mark Nicholson

The Indy Lawyer With A Manslaughter Conviction

“It’s pretty much known by everyone around here,” a Marion County deputy prosecutor says of Mark Nicholson's background.

Looking Back On Indiana’s Most Infamous Crime, 50 Years Later

The details of her demise, revealed at the 1966 trial, defy belief. Here, a peek at the lives of the participants in the murder of Sylvia Likens 50 years later.

Chilling Transcript of Dr. Gregory Konrath’s Alleged Murder Plot

The strange story of Dr. Gregory Konrath makes it to prime time with a spot on ABC News' 20/20 on Friday, September 18.
Jared Fogle in a photo from our November 2013 Issue.

What’s Next for Jared Fogle

"In three months, he will know his fate."

The First Church of Cannabis

Whether or not the First Church succeeds in cloaking itself in the RFRA, it has already brought marijuana legal reform back into public discussion.
Gregory Konrath

The Proposal

If nothing else, the doctor is guilty of hubris. “He’s a brilliant guy—obviously a very high IQ,” says Embrey. “He may have been a very good surgeon. But he’s shown he’s not a very good criminal.”