IM Crime Files: Life Sentences

Men are the fulcrum. The epic takeaway—my thesis statement, if you will—is to use better judgment in choosing men.
Kilroy's Sports Bar in Bloomington Indiana

The Lauren Spierer Mystery, Unraveled

Where is the missing IU student?

Next In Line: The Burger Chef Murders

For people living in Indianapolis in 1978, the year must have seemed like the last they’d ever see.
February 2015

Editor’s Note, February 2015: Guns

As tempting as it might be to turn past such a tough subject, I encourage you to take a moment to absorb the effect one year of gun violence has had on our city.

The Undercover Files: Narcotics

"I was introduced to an Outlaws biker once when I was buying meth. The guy pulled out a .44 black powder pistol that was almost a foot long and set it on the table to intimidate me."
Shannon Watts

My Gun Story: The Activist

"The rhetoric of the NRA has created an extremist group terrified their guns are going to be taken away."
Jill Behrman opening spread

How The Jill Behrman Case Informed Michael Koryta’s New Novel

This was the story that "kept circling through my mind."

In For Questioning: Q&A with Troy Riggs

"At the end of the day, I have to make some very tough decisions that will not sit well with people. But they'll understand why I made the decision and what my thinking was."
Gregory Konrath

The Proposal

If nothing else, the doctor is guilty of hubris. “He’s a brilliant guy—obviously a very high IQ,” says Embrey. “He may have been a very good surgeon. But he’s shown he’s not a very good criminal.”

Hot-Button Issues: Cop Out

Councillor John Barth proposed a bipartisan study to help determine how many officers Indy really requires, so the Council can work on a long-term plan. “We need to take politics out of policing,” he says.