Laws, Stock and Barrel: Indiana Gun Control vs. Gun Rights

Where some of our more noteworthy state and local regulations fall on the pro-control–to–pro-gun spectrum
Dr. Gerardo Gomez

My Gun Story: The ER Doctor

"A common misconception is that we’re searching for the bullet. We don’t care about the bullet."
Gary Thrapp

My Gun Story: The Victim

"It’s a crazy world, and you have to be more vigilant than you think."
February 2015

Under the Gun: Has Kansas City Found a Cure?

In 2014, Kansas City, historically one of the 10 most-violent U.S. cities, was headed for its lowest homicide rate in five decades.

Under the Gun: Tracking One Deadly Crime Spree

Nathan Trapuzzano was set to celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary with wife Jennifer a month after the shooting. She gave birth to their child weeks later.
February 2015

Editor’s Note, February 2015: Guns

As tempting as it might be to turn past such a tough subject, I encourage you to take a moment to absorb the effect one year of gun violence has had on our city.

Kate’s Story—A Mother’s Grief

One year after the tragic death of her daughter, Nancy Comiskey reflects on Kate and their lives together.

Trials & Tribulations: The Path to Justice for My Daughter’s Killer

This was his 10th conviction. We left the justice center believing we could close the door on the criminal case. But a few years later, he walked out of prison a free man and moved 18 miles from our Brown County home. And he got a driver’s license.
Illustration by Lincoln Agnew

Did the Marion County Jail's Intake Facility Get a Bad Rap?

Marion County's jail intake facility wrestles with arresting charges of sexual misconduct.
Donald and Laurie Sachtleben

Explosive Charges: The Donald Sachtleben Case

A full-blown conspiracy theory needs a motive to thrive. And last September, the government served up a doozy: On top of the child-porn prosecution, it announced, Sachtleben had agreed to plead to additional, “unrelated” charges of breaching national security.