50 Years Later: Where Were You When We Lost JFK?

The excitement of Thanksgiving was quelled. Later, at church, we all prayed a little harder.
Shannon Watts

My Gun Story: The Activist

"The rhetoric of the NRA has created an extremist group terrified their guns are going to be taken away."
Donald and Laurie Sachtleben

Explosive Charges: The Donald Sachtleben Case

A full-blown conspiracy theory needs a motive to thrive. And last September, the government served up a doozy: On top of the child-porn prosecution, it announced, Sachtleben had agreed to plead to additional, “unrelated” charges of breaching national security.

The City’s Big Bet on Tarkington Park

"It took 50 years for this area to decline," says one of the organizers, "and we’re going to make a major leap in the next five."

Hot-Button Issues: The Straight Dope

Indianapolis is drawing heroin straight from Mexico and bypassing Chicago altogether—which might account for the high potency.

Is the Monon Trail Safe? 4 Notes on Using the Path

According to local public-safety experts, crossing the street at trail intersections is a common risk.

Halfway Across: The Delphi Murders

Restoration of the historic trestle where the murders occurred is underway. Will resolution follow?