Millions Spent In Graduating Few

Tens of millions in state dollars due to come its way over the next two years, and a founder whose for-profit company charged millions of dollars in management fees and rent to the school.

How An Executive Order Changed A Butler Study-Abroad Group’s Travel Plans

“This misguided travel ban only shows that we need more exposure to diverse people, religions, languages, and ways of life, so that the unfamiliar becomes less feared,” says Butler University's study abroad director.
Jimmy Sullivan Was Here

Jimmy Sullivan Was Here

Jimmy’s parents sent him to live at Muscatatuck in 1952. It was a state-run institution for people with developmental disabilities, a place where parents sent children with nowhere else to go.

Time Marches On

ON A DRIPPY October Saturday in 1973, I’m standing, cornet in hand, with 145 fellow members of the Franklin Community High School marching band,...

Phil Gulley: A Lesson On Education

"Let the teachers teach, let the principals oversee, let the superintendents be part-time, insist the parents do their jobs so the teachers can do theirs, and impeach any politician who piles on regulations while cutting funds."

How IPS Plans to Bridge the Digital Divide

This school year, IPS estimates it will spend $12 million to provide every student with a device.

Michael McRobbie Is Leaving Bloomington With No Regrets

While much of the IU president's tenure was spent in the shadow of Purdue’s headline-making Mitch Daniels, McRobbie has scored just as well on the leadership test.