Five Indy Women to Compete in Ironman World Championships in Hawaii

Says Shea Rankin, "Next year will be [my husband's] year to train and race. And I’m going to drink beer and eat burgers and heal a little bit."

Michael McRobbie Is Leaving Bloomington With No Regrets

While much of the IU president's tenure was spent in the shadow of Purdue’s headline-making Mitch Daniels, McRobbie has scored just as well on the leadership test.

Photos From Indianapolis Pride Parade 2024

Photographer Tony Valainis went downtown to photograph the 2024 Indianapolis Pride Parade, capturing a glimpse of the annual celebration of all things LGBTQ in Indianapolis. 

Winter Storm: A Timely License Plate

It seems one Indy resident can forecast the weather far in advance of any meteorologist. Plus, it's three days after the city's volatile snowstorm, and grocery-store racks continue to tell the tale.

DIY: Home Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops designed to grow your DIY know-how.

Indiana’s Great 8

“We have had younger black women and men tell us they've decided to apply to graduate school because of us. I have no words for how that makes me feel, and I think that black women should talk about their accomplishments and hard work more often. You never know who is listening, you never know who you can touch, and you can even save a life.”

Man on the Moon: Remembering Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong is a boyhood hero of mine. He is one of my heroes not because he was the first man to walk on the moon, although that has something to do with it. He is my hero because he came from my hometown of St. Marys, Ohio.

Purdue Memorializes Astronaut Alum Neil Armstrong

Monday saw a windy late-summer evening on Purdue University's campus as a crowd gathered to honor the legacy of Neil Armstrong. We all know him as the man who flew to the moon and back, but the students of Purdue University know a humble man. 

The World’s First GMO Fish Is Stranded In Albany, Indiana

“We know we have a product of superior quality and superior sustainability qualities, and only wish the opportunity to allow consumers to decide for themselves," says the CEO of the company that developed the salmon.

Culture Warriors: LGBT Battlefield

"RFRA was embarrassing, but Pence hasn’t won elections by championing LGBT causes. And he still wields the veto pen, which is mighty indeed."