WTHR-TV Honored for State Fair Tragedy Coverage, More

WTHR-TV will be honored for its broadcasts with two National Edward R. Murrow Awards on October 8. The coveted prizes recognize outstanding "electronic" journalism at the national level and in TV and radio markets both large and small. Representatives from the station will receive the awards at a ceremony in New York City.

Tony Bennett Honors Indiana Teachers at Statehouse

Dozens of intriguing six-word essays peppered the Indiana Statehouse lobby on Monday, penned by anonymous Indiana students and parents speaking to the best attributes of a number of Hoosier teachers. The brief and sometimes emotive and/or hilarious posts came from all corners of the state.

46 Super Reasons to Love Indy

I. The Vonneguts were here (and still are). The new Kurt Vonnegut mural along Mass Ave has made the likeness of Indy’s most famous...

Monument Circle Makes National Top 10 List

The American Planning Association has confirmed something that we at IM have known for years—nearly 35 years, in fact.

Breaking News: Stan Lee's Indy Appearance CANCELED

Attendees who signed up for ExactTarget's upcoming Indianapolis conference hoping to see pop-culture icon Stan Lee are in for a big disappointment, Circle Citizen has learned.   Last month, the interactive marketing company, headquartered next door to Circle Citizen’s 40 Monument Circle offices, announced in a splashy

Lady in Waiting

Gusty conditions have delayed the return of "Victory" to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument for the last three days (including today), creating what optimists might call a “wind-win” situation as passersby have scored some extra face time with the iconic statue for the first time since she was created 118 years ago. 

Tony Bennett Has All the Answers

Editor's Note, Nov. 7, 2012: Despite outspending his opponent, Glenda Ritz, by a 10-to-1 margin, Tony Bennett was unseated as Indiana's schools czar on Nov. 6. Here, our September 2011 feature profile on the man who catalyzed a lot of visceral responses—both for and against him

A New Crane Lands on the Circle

Maybe it’s just those of us who work on the Circle who noticed, but the big red crane that has been nesting downtown seemed to turn yellow a few days ago. In fact, the Indiana Department of Administration swapped them right under the Circle Citizen’s nose. The larger 500,000-pound crane returned to R.H. Marlin on the south side, and the smaller yellow machine was brought in to install some light drainage fittings atop the Monument. Water infiltration, after all, was a major cont

Cops Kick Off Memorial Ride

Nothing gets Mayor Greg Ballard’s attention like a cycling event. Toward the end of the lunch hour today, Ballard stopped by the Circle to chat with Indiana police officers promoting a 1,000-mile fundraising ride that starts on Monday. The ride, Cops Cycling for Indiana, lasts 13 days and circumnavigates the state. Proceeds benefit the Indiana chapter of Concerns for Police Survivors, a support system for survivors of officers killed in the line of duty.

City Market's Bike Hub Is Rolling Forward

Amid national news last week that federal funding for bike trails is in danger of coming to a screeching halt, Indianapolis announced progress in the other direction. The Indy Bike Hub YMCA, including the city’s first commuter facility for bikers, is on track to open in August.