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The Dadball Era: Science Fairs And The Nadir Of Life

Hypothesis: Most parents will survive Science Fair Week, but none will prosper.

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Phil Gulley: A New Civil War?

We’re too lazy for that.

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The DadBall Era: Birthdays Of The Doomed

The question is this: when is the BEST time of the year for a birthday?

gulley neighborhood bully
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Phil Gulley: Neighborhood Bully

Living under the unblinking eye of a homeowner’s association, I’m starting to think we should have insisted on decency being one of the covenants.

Pete Buttigieg and Mike Pence have a conversation while gesturing with their hands and holding coffee mugs.
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Mayor Pete, Do Us A Favor Though…

Stop making us your gap-toothed straw men.

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The DadBall Era: Stupid AirPod$!

“Their disappearance is inevitable. And nobody is coming along to snap my money back into existence, either.”

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DePauw’s Big Mess On Campus

“It was a tough year. A perfect storm.”

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Ten Point Coalition’s Turf War With The City’s East Side

Some residents say Ten Point Coalition is diverting resources from longstanding community groups there and claiming victory in an area that remains troubled.

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Phil Gulley: Happy To Report

I enjoy my annual review so much, I’m thinking of giving one to everyone in my family.

The Phil Gulley illustrated character watching football on television.
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Phil Gulley: Remote Locations

As a man without a TV, I’m disappointed in those who have one—and I’m always visiting to watch and tell them so.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck stands at a podium announcing his retirement.
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Luck Said No To The NFL—Why Can’t We?

We’re all susceptible to getting swept up in the mob mentality of fandom to some degree.

Illustration of a man playing with giant cartoon germs.
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Phil Gulley: Belly Aching

Headaches are wonderful.

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Phil Gulley: Road To Ruin

Slashing taxes sounds like a great idea. Until it isn’t.

Illustration of a worker hanging advertisement displays.
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Line In The Sand

Is the Dunes’ promotion a one-time victory for conservation in Indiana, or the start of a new era of environmental activism in the state?

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Phil Gulley: How We Rolled

The thrill of motorcycling is the point, the counter-narrative to the bubble-wrapped life of modern America.