Thanks for the Memories

After 17 years of making you smile, laugh, and (hopefully) think, I bid you a fond farewell.

Naysayer: Purdue Is Final Four–Bound, Finally!

Boilermakers everywhere were overcome with emotion as Purdue made the Final Four.

The Change That Made Me Fall Back In Love With Baseball

How a major league fan living in a town without a team fell back in love with baseball.

Naysayer: ISU’s Robbie “Cream Abdul-Jabbar” Avila Reveals The Secret To His...

ISU's superstar player took over social media this season; after getting one of the funniest nicknames from social media, he's finally telling his story.

Naysayer: Where’s Waldo?

Let’s play the fun searching game Where’s Waldo?

How The All-Star Game Made A Mockery Of The Great Game...

For the first time, one of the teams scored more than 200 points. Yippee. It was trash.

How The 3-Point Challenge Reveals All-Star Weekend’s Real Issue

It was a celebration of basketball. Not men's, not women's...just basketball.

Naysayer: Purdue Loss Brings Big Ten Race Closer; IU Now On...

Who had Ohio State coming out of nowhere to knock off the highly-touted Purdue Boilermakers Sunday on their Bingo card?

Gulley: Have A Heart

Cindy may still pine for me, but I'm no longer the free love hippie she once knew.

Philip Gulley: Sorry States Of Affairs

Shunning 93,000,000 Americans is a complex operation, but I manage.