Editor's Note: June 2013

I was inspired to schedule date night at Indy’s last-standing drive-in after reading Amy Wimmer Schwarb’s piece on the subject, “Moving Pictures.” Accompanied by photos of outdoor theaters around the state by our own Tony Valainis, the essay explores the importance of these vanishing pieces of Americana—and how the cinemas are fighting to modernize in a world of Netflix and iPads.

Trying Time

Reading other people’s bucket lists is fun, but I’ve never had the desire to compile one myself. Risk-takers yearn to climb Mount Everest and sail the blue Pacific, but boring people such as I are satisfied spending their days bundled up in an afghan while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory and eating Double Stuf Oreos.

Q&A: Indiana Pastors Alliance’s Ron Johnson on LGBT Civil Rights

“The LGBT worldview and the Judeo-Christian worldview are opposites. When you try to reconcile sexual license with religious liberty, those two things don’t go together.”

Philip Gulley

When Gulley isn't writing "Back Home Again" essays for Indianapolis Monthly, he is pastoring the Fairfield Friends Meeting near Indianapolis. When not doing that,...

Deborah Paul Calls It A Career

Indianapolis Monthly owes its existence to Deborah Paul.
December Cover 2015

Editor’s Note, December 2015: Good Fences, Better Neighbors

When you live in close quarters, you may have no more between you and your neighbors than some drywall.

WNBA Faces An Uphill Climb For Appropriate Attention

While the WNBA continues to grow its fanbase, in part thanks to this year’s talented rookie class, the league continues to receive comments about the sport and its players that hinder its progress.

The DadBall Era: Birthdays Of The Doomed

The question is this: when is the BEST time of the year for a birthday?
July 2018 Editor's Note

Our July Editor’s Note

I had a landlocked childhood.

Tough Sell: Thoughts on Unloading a Parent's Possessions

The fact is, our lifestyles have changed. We do not live at Downton Abbey, and there are no servants—thank heavens—to polish trays and tip silver teapots.