Sam Stall

Stall joined the Indianapolis Monthly staff in 1983 as a college intern. Hard work, perseverance, and a Borgia-esque campaign of character assassination helped him...

Terry Kirts

A graduate of IU’s Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing, Kirts hails from a town in Illinois so small it didn’t have...

Alicia Garceau

Garceau lives in Meridian-Kessler with her husband and daughter. She also writes for

Daniel S. Comiskey

Comiskey joined the magazine in 2006, shortly after completing an MA in journalism at Indiana University. During graduate school, he served as arts &...

Julia Spalding

Spalding's first job out of Ball State University was with Indianapolis Monthly. She spent 11 happy years on the editorial staff before moving to...

Deborah Paul

Paul came aboard as editor of Indianapolis Monthly in 1981, rising through the ranks to become editorial director of all Emmis magazines, including Atlanta,...

Ticked Off

There are two clocks in my office. One is connected through the ether to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, whose quantum-logic clock is so precise it will not gain or lose more than one second in 3.7 billion years. The other clock was made for me by Bob Hatch, an Indianapolis retiree, who carved every gear from hard maple, cut the hands on his band saw, made the weight by filling a tomato-paste can with lead he’d melted with a plumber’s torch, and fashioned the verge escapement from a piece of steel and the pendulum from cherry wood and brass. That clock gains or loses a couple of minutes a day, depending on such factors as the humidity and whether my dog Zipper accidentally jostles it when she naps on the shelf underneath it.

Bedtime Story

While reading the newspaper not long ago, I grew depressed by the number of challenges our nation faces—the decline of the middle class, the ballooning of the national debt, underperforming schools, and a war in Afghanistan with no end in sight. They almost make my problem seem insignificant: an ongoing struggle to find good bed sheets.

Sacred Cows

I was recently gratified to learn that filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have been collecting the paintings of Norman Rockwell. I enjoy it when other people like the same things I do, and I think more highly of those movie moguls, having discovered we share similar tastes in art.

Injured Reserve

Dear Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, Mike Hart, and Kelvin Hayden: