long con opener

The Long Con

Phil Ferguson pulled off one of the biggest frauds in Indiana history, duping clients out of millions of dollars and staying one step ahead of the law.

Furry Tale

Last summer, when family troubles landed me down in the dumps, I decided I should have a little joy in my life. I got an urge, not unlike the longing a woman gets when it’s time for another child: that stirring deep inside that is at first un-recognizable but slowly gels into actual thought, and, finally, action. I wanted—no, needed—another cat to take the place of my beloved Scooter, who died, cancer-ridden, deaf, and blind, at the age of 21.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Indiana Ban on Gay Marriage

U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Young did not issue a stay on his ruling, meaning that same-sex couples can marry at will without delay.

Saving Grace

At the end of the year, when our attention was diverted by Christmas, the new owners of our town’s Dairy Queen bulldozed the restaurant’s storage building, which had begun life in 1852 as a house of worship for the Christian Church. It was a modest structure, the Christians not anticipating a wild burst of growth. After they vacated it in the 1870s, it served as a workshop for the town’s tinsmith, a hatmaker’s space, a candy store, a private home, and finally a plumber’s shop, before Pop Logan opened the Dairy Queen in 1953 and used it for storage.
Jim Jones

Jim Jones: The Dark Side of Indiana

Yes, we know: Guiding 913 well-meaning followers—including hundreds of children—to their deaths is absolutely indefensible. So this is not an apology for Jim Jones.

Coronavirus Isn’t Dr. Woody Myers’s First Crisis

What Indiana should be doing to get ahead of the COVID-19 curve.

Protesting Helped Me Find My Place

As a biracial bisexual student, I have grown up in a kind of limbo. But I'm starting to find myself through the solidarity of protest.
Black and white image of Kurt Vonnegut sitting in a chair inside an office.

Five Takes On Slaughterhouse-Five

“Indianapolis wasn’t always eager to associate with Vonnegut. Once upon a time, many in our city found him vulgar, obscene, and weird.”
Illustration of a worker hanging advertisement displays.

Line In The Sand

Is the Dunes’ promotion a one-time victory for conservation in Indiana, or the start of a new era of environmental activism in the state?

Modern Family: Thoughts on Same-Sex Parenthood

I’d like to believe I’ve always been more progressive, although had Grant not been a family member, I might not have embraced gay marriage, thinking it too liberal. But when the issue becomes personal, intolerance fades until it vanishes completely.