Maintain Wedded Bliss For Four Decades Using This One Weird Trick

My marriage has been almost 40 years of bliss, no thanks to me.

Deborah Paul

Paul came aboard as editor of Indianapolis Monthly in 1981, rising through the ranks to become editorial director of all Emmis magazines, including Atlanta,...
Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) in

'The Fault in Our Stars' May Falter at Box Office

While the teen crowd obsesses rabidly over its favorite YA literary characters, its passion often burns out as quickly as a post-prom afterglow.

A Very Traders Point Thanksgiving; Indy’s Pioneering CBD Bakery

The Monthly Weekly's Thanksgiving extravaganza.

AMA: Lisa Pratt, NASA Planetary Protection Officer

“We’re in a hurry to get out there, and many of the things humans bring with them are potential contaminants.”
Carmel mayoral candidate Sue Finkam standing in front of a Carmel mural

Q&A With Carmel Mayoral Candidate Sue Finkam

Sue Finkam wants to lead Carmel after Jim Brainard's 27-year mayoral run.

Ask Me Anything: Brian Jay

"You never forget the fear. One camper might say, 'I’m going to have the LeFort procedure,' and I’ll think, Yeah, I had that three times. That’s why I’m there. I’m the light at the end of the tunnel."

Photos From The Month Of May 2024

The electricity in the air at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year made for a spectacular Month of May. Here are our photos capturing that lightening in its metaphorical bottle.

Why Indiana’s GOP Can’t Be Trumped

If the Trump-era Republican Party experienced a public, messy identity crisis, somebody forgot to tell its Indiana chapter. Like it or not, they’re remarkably unified—and set up to continue an unprecedented electoral winning streak.

Is IPS Doing Enough To Protect Kids’ Privacy During Remote Learning?

The apps students are required to use are frequently lacking in transparency, or worse.