Red Line Wars

A field guide to Red Line haters, who lost the war but will likely keep up their battle cries.

New Group of Young Hoosiers Supports HJR-3

“We came together to show the legislature that there are young people who believe in traditional marriage,” says Chris Knight, a student. “Other groups like Freedom Indiana have tried to push to the media that young people are on their side.”

Phil Gulley: Building Frustration

"As I write this, Governor Mike Pence has joined himself to Donald Trump’s hip, thereby sanctioning thuggery, deceit, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, greed, and ignorance."
Woody Myers

The Pacers’ Uncertain Future; Woody Myers’ Closing Scramble

On this week's podcast, we interview Democratic gubernatorial candidate Woody Myers and SB Nation's Caitlin Cooper.

Hot-Button Issues: Ritz vs. Board of Education

Upon being sworn in last January, Indiana educator-in-chief Glenda Ritz braced for a fight. Who could blame her?

The Looming Fight Between Pete And Pence

It could be a Hoosier battle royale, one that pits the gay Episcopalian war-veteran mayor against the evangelical former governor.

Gov. Pence: Staffers Shouldn't Have Deleted Facebook Comments

Facebook users who disagreed with Pence's position on same-sex marriage angrily assailed him with their own original posts via that social-media channel.

All the President’s Hoosiers

How former DNI Dan Coats, his wife Marsha, Vice President Mike Pence and HHS Secretary Alex Azar are all portrayed in Bob Woodward’s Rage.

IMPORTANTVILLE: Indiana’s 1974 Election & 2020

Plus: Gauging Pence’s Ukraine exposure.