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The Terre Haute Experiment

“It’s the United States’ first political prison.”

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The NCAA's Selective Support Of LGBT Rights

“It’s tough to connect the NCAA’s actions in Indiana, Houston, and North Carolina except with a simple, cynical equation: More outrage equaled more action.”

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Ask Me Anything: Pete Buttigieg

The Democrats’ rising star talks about serving in a war zone, coming out of the closet, and how serving as mayor of South Bend sometimes feels as if it were ripped from the script of “The Wire.”

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How An Executive Order Changed A Butler Study-Abroad Group’s Travel Plans

“This misguided travel ban only shows that we need more exposure to diverse people, religions, languages, and ways of life, so that the unfamiliar becomes less feared,” says Butler University’s study abroad director.

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Read Rabbi Sandy Sasso's "We Are Not Going Back" Speech From the Indianapolis Women's Rally

“In 1960, a woman could not get a credit card, a bank loan, or own property in her name. We are not going back.”

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The Pences' Inauguration Gowns Were Made in Indianapolis

Karen wanted a flowy skirt because her husband likes to twirl her when they dance.

Barack Obama Dunham House
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The Hoosier White House: Barack Obama’s Ancestral Indiana Home

Homesteader Jacob Dunham, who was buried in 1865 in the Kempton Cemetery in Indiana, is Barack Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfather. Jacob’s grandson, William Riley Dunham, built the home that stands today.

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Mike Pence Packs His Baggage

Pence’s RFRA push backfired, it seems, costing him in the battle of ideas. And that may be his true legacy in the Hoosier State.

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What Kind of VP Will Pence Be?

It’s impossible to tell how they’ll work together. Here, three ways this could play out for the Hoosier governor.

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Off the Wall: Mike Pence and Immigration

Before Trump became the face of anti-immigration, Pence championed a very different approach.

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Will Trump Have a Hoosier in His Cabinet?

While we’re not likely to see Indianapolis executive Steve Hilbert named as President-Elect Trump’s Under Secretary of Commerce for Self-Tanning, the incoming administration seems to be taking on a decidedly Hoosier glow.

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Indianapolis Monthly Podcast: Election Postmortem With Adam Wren

An in-depth chat on the outcome of the election and what it all means for the city, state, and Mike Pence in the White House.

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Political Campaigning from 1888, Benjamin Harrison’s “Front Porch” Campaign

Before political campaigning was a big dollar national venture, Benjamin Harrison addressed more than 300,000 people in 80-plus speeches from his front porch.

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Indy’s Prettiest Polling Site

Indianapolis has one of the country’s prettiest polling sites in the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site on North Delaware.

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Indianapolis Monthly Podcast: Election Preview with Brandon Smith

We talk local politics, political coverage, and a new gig for Brandon Smith on this week’s podcast.