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Oladipo To Endorse Joe Donnelly

Oladipo with the assist.

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Indiana Politics, September 2018

A record number of Hoosier women are their party’s nominee this year.

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Is Indiana On The Verge Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana?

“You’re going to be shocked,” says one advocate. “I think we have a realistic chance, as long as we do a good job with the summer study. I think we can get it as early as the next General Assembly.”

Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill sitting down
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Curtis Hill Is A Party of One

Is Curtis Hill the next Mike Pence?

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Quick Q&A With Indy Pride Director Chris Handberg

“You have a wide array of personalities who celebrate as a community. People from so many different backgrounds gather together, and for that day, become a family.”

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Red Line Wars

A field guide to Red Line haters, who lost the war but will likely keep up their battle cries.

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The Pros And Cons Of Amazon Selecting Indy For HQ2

So you’re telling us there’s a chance.

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Lugar Honored On 50th Anniversary Of Mayoral Election

“Before the program even began, the crowd delivered each a standing ovation, awed by two statesmen who eschewed speaking in soundbites in favor of fully formed U.N. draft resolutions.”

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Ahead Of Civility Lecture, Lugar Critical Of Trump

Let’s hope the lecture is more civil than the comments in the event’s promotional Facebook post.

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Commentary: DNC Chair Brings “Unbridled Optimism” To IU’s McKinney School Of Law

“Don’t let these [civil rights] laws gather dust,” he warned the audience.

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Local Artist's Painting Picked For Veep's Residence

A piece of Indiana hangs in the vice president’s residence in Washington, D.C., thanks to Mike and Karen Pence—and Indianapolis artist Douglas David. Over the summer, Karen Pence reached out to the Indiana Arts Commission, hankering for a painting of peonies, our state flower. The arts group referred her to David, known for his colorful […]

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A Hoosier Writes The Definitive Account Of The 2016 Election

“I thought it was going to be Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush,” the author says. “It looked like it was going to be a boring election.”

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Phil Gulley: Indiana's New Governor Is A Step Up

“If Holcomb parts company with the Republican party now and then, I will be pleased, just as I am gratified when a Democrat takes the road less traveled.”

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The Terre Haute Experiment

“It’s the United States’ first political prison.”

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The NCAA's Selective Support Of LGBT Rights

“It’s tough to connect the NCAA’s actions in Indiana, Houston, and North Carolina except with a simple, cynical equation: More outrage equaled more action.”